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Lucy, I'm in Love
Artist: Larry
Label: Elvis and Sweetie-Pie Records
Length: 12 tracks/ 47:47

Fronted by Citizen Joe cofounder Glen Lystne and original Daniel Amos bassist Marty Dieckmeyer, Larry’s debut is frank in its musicality and lyricism—cleanly produced, melodic-Americana poppy songs with vocalism bearing a dragged-out country swagger and lyrical topics ranging from self-depreciating humor to romantic longings to melancholic ruminations about past mistakes and self-doubt. 

Though Lucy, I’m in Love bears an amiable face on first impression, there are threads of sadness and longing running throughout that are revealed on subsequent listens. Discontentment and lost chances are as big a theme here as the more readily apparent themes of love and joy. “I know my measure has been fair/ I know my burden is no more than I can bear/ but take me away from here” sings Lystne in the acoustic “Dug in Deep,” a line that gets close to summing up the record’s themes: insecurity while counting blessings, grit while struggling through trials.

For all their likeability, the collection of songs in Lucy, I’m in Love doesn’t seem to equate as good a whole as they should. While only a couple of spots in the record fall flat, the record is fun song-by-song but not tight enough as a whole. Despite the strong melodies, the songs begin to feel a bit redundant and cute by the album’s end. However, the record does bookend itself nicely, with Lystne singing in the opening and closing tracks about his struggle to drag himself out of bed, the former out of sheer laziness and the latter out of romantic gratefulness.

Should you love Lucy? Sure, there’s enough good in Lucy, I’m in Love to give it a solid recommendation, even if the album ultimately falls short of being great rather than good. Larry provides an enjoyable and pleasing acoustic-rock listen. 

Jonathan Avants 10/9/05



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