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World Through My Eyes
Artist: RPWL
Label: InsideOut Music America
Length:  10 Tracks/70:51 (Standard Edition)

Oh, this is fresh!  Take Pink Floyd, add some U2, mix in some Radiohead and you just might come up with RPWL, a stellar German progressive rock band that continues to impress with their latest release World Through My Eyes.  Since receiving the CD I have spun it many times and now my children are asking to borrow it, always a sign that a project is impressive.  World Through My Eyes features a mesmerizing mélange of great guitar tone, atmospheric keyboards, dreamy vocals, and touches of world beat rhythms (sitar sounds, exotic percussion, etc.).  Vocalist/keyboardist Yogi Lang shines with smooth vocals reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour (not surprising since RPWL began life as a Floyd cover band).  Yogi’s English is near perfect, but the slight hint of his accent (to this American’s ears) adds a splendid dimension and depth.

From a lyrical perspective, RPWL makes the case that we are chasing the wrong goals.  Lang states, “…the power of money has been, by default, the measure of satisfaction and happiness for a long time now.  We have replaced our need for intuition with material gain, resulting in the terrible fact that we are now controlled by outside forces.” To make the point, _World Through My Eyes_ refers to Hindu mythology, somewhat reminding me of the spiritual connection made in the music of George Harrison.  Here is a lyrical sample from the song “Start the Fire”:

Out in the land I heard some people say
There is no other way than to settle scores of age old grievance
Lost all belief in honesty and sowing seeds of want and greed
I am on my knees

Come and take me to a world full of kindness
I can feel something is going to happen to me
It can happen to me

Om jai, deva - all the love we have will take us higher

Om jai, deva - I believe that we will start the fire 

World Through My Eyes is a rich, exciting, and enthralling work that challenges and entertains.  As an added bonus, former Genesis vocalist Ray Wilson turns in a stellar vocal performance on the cut “Roses.”  If your are looking for a change of pace from the top 40 norm, give RPWL’s World Through My Eyes a spin.  You won’t regret it!

Visit RPWL on the web here: 

DJ Barry  1/27/2005

DJ Barry hosts Soul Frequency, a web radio station & a weekly FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics and more—great rock for the ages!



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