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Artist:  Seeds
Label:  Grrr Records
Length:  14 Tracks/1:05:04

Seeds is back with more of their brand of wonderful authentic late '60’s era psychedelic hippy-trippy folk rock that will have you scrambling to put on your tie-dyed t-shirts and bell bottoms.  _Rooted_ is a one-hour throw back to a great musical time that you will NOT want to throw back!  Wrapped in a colorful, cool, psychedelic hand-drawn cover (that would look even better if it was on a full-size vinyl LP!), _Rooted_ features the kind of tunes that would have echoed through the streets San Francisco in the Haight-Ashbury district circa1969.  Fans of Jefferson Airplane, CSN & Y, Donovan, Godspell, the Grateful Dead, and even current popsters the Polyphonic Spree will enjoy the sweet sunshine spread by this merry band of hipsters.

_Rooted_ is chock full of memorable moments, smooth vocal harmonies, and authentic retro sounds.  “Luvyrabor” hits a funky note, “Signs” starts as a slow acoustic number and turns into a rocker ending with a nice wah-wah guitar outro, and the epic (nearly eight minutes long) “Spirit” features a tasty mid-east flair wrapping around a meditation on the Holy Spirit.  The album slows down a tad bit in the middle for my taste, and the few of the songs could be shortened.  But these are only minor quibbles with a very strong and interesting release from Seeds.  The late '60’s/early '70’s are one of my favorite times musically, and Seeds music echoes that glorious time of musical exploration while still sounding fresh and vital.  Peace brother, and pass the Seeds!

DJ Barry 1/8/2005

DJ Barry hosts Soul Frequency, a weekly FM and Internet free form rock radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics and more—great rock for the ages!



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