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The Crossing - November 2006 Edition

Yes, back for another serving of The Crossing. As we edge closer and closer to December, the pickings, as far as music goes, gets slimmer and slimmer. Although, through the month of November, there's a pretty robust offering. In particular, there are a lot of CD/DVD combos and boxsets. The DVD output from now thru December picks up considerably as well. You know the's pretty much, get the year's offerings out before Christmas. One DVD in particular that would seem to need a special mention is 'An Inconvenient Truth'...the Al Gore documentary concerning the environment and global warming. It's out November 21st and according to everyone I've heard from, it's absolutely essential viewing. I look forward to that. I also look  forward to the 2006 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals
Official World Series commemorative DVD out November 28th, but that's a whole other deal! Congratulations to them! :-)

Some solid music offerings as well. Notably, a  new Damien Rice album out on the 14th as well as a long overdue new album from the man formerly known as Cat Stevens out on the same day. After a nine year wait, Canadian Loreena McKennitt and her musical travelogue style is back  with "An Ancient Muse". Also some reworked Beatles tunes for the "Love" project put together by Fab Four producer George Martin with his son Giles Martin. And lastly, quite a few 'best of' compilations, including, but not limited to, U2, 
Nickel Creek and the Dave Matthews Band.

Sit back, relax, dig in...enjoy, but most importantly, give thanks!

Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

    * Sandra McCracken - "Gravity/Love" 
    * Tom Cochrane - "No Stranger"
    * John Popper - "Project"
    * Smash Mouth - "Summer Girl"
    * Zeno - "Runway To The Gods"
    * Street Dogs - "Fading American Dream"
    * Blanche - "What This Town Needs" 
    * Katy Bowser - "All Of My Friends" (EP.)
    * Thea Gilmore - "Harpo's Ghost"
    * Sarah Slean - Orphan Music"
    * David Olney - "Lenora" (Live in Holland.)
    * Bob Lanois - "Snake Road"
    * Jeff Porter - "15 Miles" 
    * Anders Parker - "Anders Parker"
    * Colleen McFarland - "Beautiful Lie"
    * Terry Adams & Steve Ferguson - "Louisville Sluggers"
    * Michael Hall - "The Song He Was Listening To When He Died" 
    * Tomi Swick - "Stalled Out In The Doorway"
    * Dead Men's Hollow - "Two-Timin'"
    * Seven Nations - "Thanks For Waiting"
    * Neil Peart - "Roadshow: Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle" (Book.) 
    * Bruce Springsteen - "Greetings From E Street" (Book compiled by Robert Santelli.)
    * The Cars - "Unlocked: Live Performances" (CD/DVD.)
    * KISS - "Kissology '74-'77" (DVD.)
    * John Fogerty - "The Long Road Home: Live in Concert" (CD/DVD.)
    * The Byrds - "There Is A Season" (4 CD/1 DVD Boxset.)
    * Cross Canadian Ragweed - "Back To Tulsa: Live & Loud" (CD/DVD.)
    * The Rolling Stones - "Rock Files: Truth or Lies" (DVD.)
    * R.E.M. - When The Light Is Mine: '82-'87 DVD Collection
    * Marillion - "Smoke" and "Mirrors" (DVD's sold separately.)


    * The Beatles - "Love" (Reworked classics by George and Giles Martin for Cirque du Soleil.)
    * U2/Green Day - "The Saints Are Coming" (CD single for the Music Rising charity, see link below.)
    * JJ Cale & Eric Clapton - "The Road to Escondido"
    * Joe Purdy - "Only Four Seasons"
    * Bowling For Soup - "The Great Burrito Extortion Case"
    * Shortbus - "Shortbus"
    * Broken Keys - "Gravity"
    * The Evens - "The Evens Get Even"
    * The Brakes - "The Beatific Visions" (import.) 
    * Blackmore's Night - "Winter Carols"
    * Mary Black - "Full Tide"
    * Michael W. Smith - "Stand"
    * Sugarland - "Enjoy The Ride"
    * Karen Dalton - "In My Own Time" (1971 album.)
    * Al Stewart - "Definitive Collection" 
    * Marshall Crenshaw - "Definitive Collection"
    * P.J. Harvey - "Peel Sessions '91-'04"
    * Dave Matthews Band - "Best of What's Around: Vol. 1" (2 CD set.)
    * Foo Fighters - "Skin and Bones" (CD/DVD  compilation.)
    * The Kinks - Remastered reissues
    * Nina Hagen - "Very Best of"     * Jellyfish - "Best of"
    * Stevie Nicks - "Best of"
    * Izzy Stradlin' - "River"
    * Charlatans UK - "Forever: The Singles" 
    * Pavement - "Wowee Zowee" (2 CD special edition.)
    * Nirvana - "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!" (DVD.)
    * loudQuietloud: a Film about The Pixies - DVD
    * Cars - DVD
    * Christmas In The Clouds - DVD 
    * Wordplay - DVD
    * God's Sandbox - DVD
    * The Blood Of My Brother - DVD
    * Blood Tea & Red String - DVD
    * Shadowboxer - DVD
    * Little Man - DVD


    * Yusuf - "An Other Cup" (The artist formerly known as Cat Stevens; first album of modern pop songs in 28 years.)
    * Damien Rice - "9"
    * Joanna Newsom - "Ys"
    * Nanci Griffith - "Ruby's Torch"
    * Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - "Real Live  Roadrunning" (CD/DVD.)
    * Joan Osborne - "Pretty Little Stranger"
    * Dixie Chicks - "Taking The Long Way" (Deluxe edition w/DVD.)
    * ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - "So Divided"
    * Nickel Creek - "Reasons Why: the Very Best of" (CD/DVD.)
    * Depeche Mode - "Best of"
    * Bobby Bare - "Down & Dirty...Plus" (1979 live album.)
    * Neil Young - "Live at the Fillmore East"
    * The Supersuckers - "Live at Bart's CD Cellar and Record Shop"
    * Christine Smith - "Tomorrow's Blues"
    * Love Tractor - "Before and After Christmas"
    * Tenacious D - "Pick of Destiny"
    * Army of Anyone - "Army of Anyone" 
    * Staind - "Greatest Hits"
    * Johnny Cash - "Live at San Quentin" (CD/DVD reissue.)
    * Widespread Panic - "Live at The Fox" (DVD.)
    * Styx - "One With Everything" (DVD; live with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra.) 
    * Various Artists - "Steve Irwin Memorial Tribute"
    * King Kong - 3 DVD Deluxe Extended Edition
    * The Da Vinci Code - DVD
    * Who Killed The Electric Car? - DVD
    * Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man - DVD 
    * Sophie Scholl: The Final Days - DVD
    * The Groomsmen - DVD
    * Brothers of the Head - DVD
    * John Tucker Must Die - DVD
    * Accepted - DVD


    * U2 - "U218" (Single CD/DVD best of; 18 songs  including new song 'Window In The Skies' and a cover of The Skids' "Saints Are
      Coming" w/Green Day.)
    * Great Big Sea - "Courage & Patience & Grit: Great Big Sea in Concert" (CD/DVD.)
    * Thom Yorke - "Spitting Feathers" (5 b-sides and  2 videos.)
    * Guns N Roses - "Chinese Democracy" (Featuring one original member! This literally remains to be seen.)
    * Rock Star: Supernova - "Supernova" (w/Lukas Rossi.)
    * Loreena McKennitt - "An Ancient Muse" (First album in nine years.)
    * Sufjan Stevens - "Songs for Christmas" (5 CD set.)
    * Tom Waits - "Orphans, Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards" (3 CD set.)
    * David Crosby - "Voyage" (3 CD boxset.)
    * Robert Plant - "Nine Lives" (9 CD post-Led Zeppelin boxset.)
    * The Doors - "Perception" (Boxset; 6 CD's and 6 DVD's.)
    * Crowded House - "Farewell To The World" (import; 2 CD live set.)
    * Guy Clark - "South Coast of Texas" and "Workbench Songs" 
    * Swan Lake - "Beast Moans"
    * Brett Dennen - "So Much More"
    * Richie Furay - "Heartbeat Of Love"
    * H Bomb Ferguson - "Big City Blues"
    * Our Lady Peace - "A Decade: Best of"
    * Saga - "Worlds Apart" (Revisited; 2 CD/2 DVD set.)
    * Oasis - "Stop The Clocks: Best of" (2 CD set.)
    * The Clash - "Singles" (19 CD boxset; new date.)
    * David Gray - "Live in Slow Motion" (CD/DVD.)
    * Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint - "Hot As A Pistol, Keen As A Blade" (Live in Montreal '06; CD/DVD.)
    * An Inconvenient Truth - DVD
    * You, Me and DuPree - DVD
    * Ice Age 2: The Meltdown - DVD
    * Wassup Rockers - DVD
    * Scoop - DVD 


    * David Gilmour - "On An Island" (Reissue w/DVD.)
    * Mark Kozelek - "Little Drummer Boy" (Live.)
    * Incubus - "Light Grenades"
    * World Champions' St. Louis Cardinals - Official World Series DVD (That's right!)
    * Superman Returns - DVD
    * Superman DVD reissues
    * Clerks II - DVD
    * The Ant Bully - DVD


    * Gwen Stefani - "The Sweet Escape"
    * Gwen Stefani - "Harajuku Lovers Live" (DVD.) 
    * Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - DVD
    * How To Eat Fried Worms - DVD
    * Miami Vice - DVD
    * Beerfest - DVD
    * Pulse - DVD


    * World Trade Center - DVD 
    * The House Of Sand - DVD
    * Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe - 4 DVD expanded edition.
    * Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - DVD
    * The Devil Wears Prada - DVD 
    * Barnyard: The Original Party Animals - DVD


    * Modest Mouse - "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank"
    * When The Levees Broke - (Spike Lee documentary about New Orleans and the effects of  Hurricane Katrina; DVD.)
    * Little Miss Sunshine - DVD
    * Lady In The Water - DVD
    * A Scanner Darkly - DVD
    * My Super Ex-Girlfriend - DVD
    * Invincible - DVD
    * The Wicker Man - DVD 
    * Step Up - DVD
    * Factotum - DVD
    * The Celestine Prophecy - DVD


    * The Last Kiss - DVD
    * The Protector - DVD
    * The Descent - DVD
    * Haven - DVD


    * The Bridesmaid - DVD
    * Snakes On A Plane - DVD
    * Lunacy - DVD


    * Kenny Wayne Shepherd - "10 Days Out: Blues From the Backroad" (2 CD live set.)
    * The Night Listener - DVD 
    * Street Fight - DVD


    * Erin McKeown - "Sing You Sinners"
    * School For Scoundrels - DVD


    * Of Montreal - "Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?" (That's the real question, isn't it?) 
    * The Brokedown - "I Can't Go On, I'll Go On"
    * The Shins - "Wincing The Night Away"
    * Menomena - "Friend and Foe"
    * Deerhoof - "Friend Opportunity"
    * This Film Is Not Yet Rated - DVD
    * Sherrybaby - DVD


    * Norah Jones - "Not Too Late"
    * Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "TBA"
    * Lily Allen - "Alright, Still"
    * Various Artists - "Endless Highway: Music of The Band" 


Here's an oldie (relatively speaking), but a goodie:

     Hear tell of a man who took a hundred dollars
     Spent it on lottery tickets and beer
     Won a couple million, left his wife and children 
     Lived himself to death in a couple of years

     Should have spent it on love
     Spent it on his children
     Spent it on the ones who need it the most
     Take your little bundle, put her in a basket 
     Leave her on the doorstep of the future her home

     I hear of an army taking lots of money
     Spending it on guns and rolls of barbed wire
     Blew it all away, they're homeless and they're hungry 
     Had to bite the bullet, taste of bloody war

     Spend it on love, spend it on the children
     Spend it on the ones who need it the most
     Take your little bundle, put her in a basket
     Leave her on the doorstep of the future her home 

     Johnny in the belly of the billionaire
     Swallowed by the music he played
     Gonna have to ride that camel through the eye
     Of a phonograph needle some day

     I hear of a country where they say the cities 
     All have pretty streets that are paved with gold
     They may not be gold but they were built by people
     Paying heavy taxes for a dream they still hold

     Spend it on love, spend it on the children 
     Spend it on the ones who need it the most
     Take your little bundle, put her in a basket
     Leave her on the doorstep of the future her home."

     Bob Walkenhorst (The Rainmakers), the song "Spend It On Love" off the album The Good News And The Bad News.

     Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!

     See you in December...

     Chris Barlow

For info on Music Rising, the charity spearheaded by The Edge of U2 to help New Orleans' musicians and preserve the city's musical heritage, please check out:

And, for more info on 'An Inconvenient Truth',  check out the official website here:


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