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The Crossing - March 2006 Edition

Hello and welcome fellow music and film fanatics. Finally, it is the month of March and with it, a sense of Spring in the air. Soon the overcast skies of Winter will blow away only to reveal a galaxy of stars high above. Yet, some of those stars are also located in the list below of new and upcoming releases. Of the many days of March, one of those days is St. Patrick’s Day and so it follows that there would be a few Irish artists releasing new material this month. Two of them are our Artists of the Month. Let’s take a look:


First up is a band called The Saw Doctors. They are from a small town named Tuam (pron. Chewm.) located in County Galway in the west of Ireland. Their new album is called “The Cure” and it is their 6th album releasing March 14th. Down to two principal members and songwriters now, Singer/guitarist Davy Carton and guitarist/occasional singer Leo Moran have soldiered on since the group’s inception in 1987. The band takes their time making albums and it shows in their well-crafted celtic flavored pop-rock songs. Their first big break came when they were asked to open for Mike Scott’s Waterboys on that band’s UK tour of 1988. Today, an ex-Waterboy, Anthony Thistlethwaite, who plays bass, is now a member of The Saw Doctors. Thru songs like ‘N17’, ‘Green and Red of Mayo’, ‘Macnas Parade’, Hay Wrap’, and ‘Same Oul’ Town’ among many others, no Irish artist has given me a better sense of what it might have been like to grow up on the Emerald Isle. The songs range from the raucous and rowdy to the downright plaintive and graceful. A great starting point to hear the Saw Doctors is the compilation entitled “Sing A Powerful Song” released in 1997. (This covers their first three albums.) Or, better yet, just jump right in with “The Cure” and find out for yourself what it means to be Irish from one of their great exports.

Read about the Saw Doctors here:

Second up is the one and only Luka Bloom. His 7th album releases on March 21st and it is entitled “Innocence”. Luka was born Barry Moore and grew up in County Kildare, which is just to the southwest of Dublin.  He is the younger brother of noted Irish singer/songwriter Christy Moore. As legend has it, Barry wanted to distinguish himself from his well known older brother and came up with his new name mid-flight on a plane trip to America from Ireland. He named himself after the Suzanne Vega hit song ‘Luka’ and the main character Leopold Bloom from the James Joyce novel ‘Ulysses’. Luka is one of my very favorite singer/songwriters and has always struck me as someone who is a kind and gentle soul who is always searching for what is right and true in the world around him. Luka plays in an
electro-acoustic style and this, I feel, is best showcased on his classic album “Turf” from 1994. But, whether you discover Luka on this album or one of his other albums, perhaps his all-covers album “Keeper of the Flame”, he is a true talent to be treasured. Luka’s music can often be calming and reassuring while always invigorating and thoughtful. Hope you take time to discover and enjoy his music as much as I do.

Read about Luka Bloom here:

So onwards to this month’s list. There is SO much to hear and see, it’s literally March Madness every tuesday this month! Let’s have a look...

Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

     * Mute Math - “Mute Math”
     * Pinetop Seven - “The Night’s Bloom”
     * Will Hoge - “The Man Who Killed Love”
     * Dana Cooper - “Made of Mud”
     * Elvis Costello - “My Flame Burns Blue”
     * Steve Wynn - “Tick...Tick...Tick...”
     * Jennifer Kimball - “Oh Hear Us”
     * Devo - “Devo 2.0”
     * The Samples - “Rehearsing For Life”
     * The Violet Burning - “Drop Dead”
     * Primary Colours - “A View from the Inside”
     * The Mendoza Line - “Full of Light and Full of Fire”
     * Marillion - “Colours & Sound” (2 DVD documentary.)
     * Fates Warning - Live in Athens, Greece - DVD
     * Walk The Line - DVD (of course!)
     * Just Friends - DVD
     * Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? - DVD
     * Where the Truth Lies -DVD
     * Lady & the Tramp - DVD 
     * Bambi II - DVD


     * David Gilmour - “On An Island” (Pink Floyd frontman’s third solo album.)
     * Neko Case - “Fox Confessor Brings The Flood”
     * Toto - “Falling In Between” (US release.)
     * Van Morrison - “Pay The Devil”
     * Matisyahu - “Youth”
     * Of Montreal - “Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy”
     * Public Enemy - “Rebirth Of A Nation”
     * Donald Fagen - “Morph The Cat”
     * The Delays - “You See Colours”
     * Half-Handed Cloud - “Halos & Lassos”
     * Daniel Powter - “Daniel Powter” 
     * Centro-matic - “Fort Recovery”
     * Pinmonkey - “Big Shiny Cars”
     * Goldfrapp - “Supernature”
     * Impossible Shapes - “Turn”
     * Mogwai - “Mr. Beast”
     * I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness - “Fear Is On Our Side” (Bad choice.)
     * Stereolab - “Fab Four Suture”
     * Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - “Ballad of the Broken Seas”
     * The Weepies - “Say I Am You”
     * The Little Willies - “The Little Willies” (Alt-country group featuring Norah Jones.)
     * Ana Laura - “Ana Laura”
     * Mudhoney - “Under A Billion Suns”
     * The Figurines - “Skeleton”
     * The Wood Brothers - “Ways Not To Lose”
     * Dave Davies - “Kinked”
     * Billy Bragg - “Volume 1” (Boxset; 7 CD’s and 2 DVD’s.)
     * Kris Kristofferson - “This Old Road”
     * Caedmon’s Call - “In the Company of Angels II: the World will Sing”
     * Cheap Trick - “Dream Police” & “All Shook Up” (Remastered and expanded.)
     * Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire - DVD
     * Jarhead - DVD
     * Howl’s Moving Castle - DVD
     * Kids in America - DVD
     * Dreamer - DVD
     * Occupation: Dreamland - DVD 


     * The Saw Doctors - “The Cure” (US release.)
     * Garrison Starr - “The Sound Of You And Me”
     * The Pretenders - “Pirate Radio” (4 CD/1 DVD Boxset.)
     * Placebo - “Meds” (import.)
     * Graham Coxon - “Love Travels At Illegal Speeds” (import.)
     * Porcupine Tree - “Metanoia”
     * Joe Satriani - “Super Colossal” 
     * Jackie Greene - “American Myth”
     * Sean Watkins - “Blinders On”
     * Susan McKeown - “Blackthorn”
     * Shedaisy - “Fortuneteller’s Melody”
     * Willie Nelson - “You Don’t Know Me: the Songs of Cindy Walker”
     * Chicago - “Chicago XXX”
     * Be Here To Love Me: the Townes Van Zandt Story - DVD
     * Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N Roll! - (1987 documentary; first time on DVD.)
     * Goodnight & Good Luck - DVD
     * Chicken Little - DVD
     * Searching For the Wrong-Eyed Jesus - DVD
     * The Greatest Game Ever Played - DVD
     * The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio - DVD
     * The Passenger - (1975 Jack Nicholson film; first time on DVD.)


     * Luka Bloom - “Innocence” (US release.)
     * Soul Asylum - “Crazy Mixed Up World”
     * Black 47 - “Bittersweet Sixteen” (Popular songs & rarities collection w/two new songs.)
     * Loose Fur - “Born Again in the USA” (Side project for Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.)
     * Ben Harper - “Both Sides of the Gun” (2 CD set.)
     * Richard Ashcroft - “Keys to the World” (US release.)
     * Tom Russell - “Love and Fear”
     * Dale Watson - “Whiskey or God” (God would be the best choice.)
     * Josh Rouse - “Subtitulo”
     * Prince - “3121”
     * Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders - “S/T”
     * Southern Culture On The Skids - “Doublewide and Live”
     * Royksopp - “Royksopp’s Night Out”
     * Sepultura - “Dante XXI”
     * The Sounds - “Dying To Say This To You”
     * Islands - “Return To The Sea”
     * The Lilys - “Everything Wrong Is Imaginary”
     * The Editors - “Back Room”
     * Teddy Geiger - “Underage Thinking”
     * My Chemical Romance - “Life On The Murder Scene”
     * Bob Catley - “Spirit of Man” (US release.)
     * The Outfield - “Any Time Now”
     * The Beach Boys - “Pet Sounds” (40th anniversary CD/DVD.)
     * Capote - DVD
     * The Squid & the Whale - DVD
     * Everything Is Illuminated - DVD
     * Paradise Now - DVD
     * Derailed - DVD


     * Over The Rhine - “Live from Nowhere: Volume 1”
     * Morrissey - “Ringleader of the Tormentors”
     * Brian Eno & David Byrne - “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” (Reissue.)
     * Yeah Yeah Yeah’s - “Show Your Bones”
     * Nelly Furtado - “Loose”
     * Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s - “The Dust Of Retreat” 
     * Movies With Heroes - “Nothing Here Is Perfect”
     * People In Planes - “As Far As The Eye Can See”
     * The Concretes - “In Colour”
     * Roy Orbison - “Essential Collection”
     * The Doobie Brothers - “Definitive Collection”
     * Flower Kings - “Paradox Hotel”
     * Rob Zombie - “Educated Horses”
     * King Kong - DVD (Jackson.)
     * Memoirs of a Geisha - DVD
     * Stay - DVD
     * A Sound Of Thunder - DVD


     * Queensryche - “Operation: Mindcrime II”
     * Goo Goo Dolls - “Let Love In” (the Dolls’ 8th album.)
     * Flaming Lips - “At War with the Mystics”
     * Blue October - “Foiled”
     * The Vines - “Vision Valley”
     * Bruce Robison - “Eleven Stories”
     * Jan Smith - “29 Dances”
     * Sonya Kitchell - “Words Came Back To Me”
     * Lacuna Coil - “Karmacode”
     * Judas Priest - “Essential Judas Priest” (2 CD set.)
     * Poison - “Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock”
     * Erasure - “Union Street” (import.)
     * Embrace - “This New Day” (import.)
     * Blue Aeroplanes - “Altitude” (Import.)
     * Garbage - “Greatest Hits”
     * Simple Minds - “Black and White 050505” (US release.) 
     * The Innocence Mission - “Birds Of My Neighborhood” (Reissue; remastered by Sufjan Stevens.)
     * Rascal Flatts - “Me & My Gang”
     * Boston - “Boston” & “Don’t Look Back” (Both remastered.)
     * The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe - DVD
     * Brokeback Mountain - DVD
     * Ushpizin - DVD
     * Bee Season - DVD


     * Tom Petty - “Highway Companion” (New date.)
     * Pearl Jam - “Pearl Jam” (Seattle quintet’s 8th album.)
     * Edwin McCain - “Lost in America” (Edwin covers two Bill Mallonee songs!)
     * Josh Ritter - “The Animal Years”
     * Snow Patrol - “Eyes Open”
     * Calexico - “Garden Ruin”
     * Ministry - “Rio Grande Blood”
     * The Charlatans - “Simpatico”
     * Built To Spill - “You In Reverse”
     * David Gilmour - “David Gilmour” & “About Face” (Remastered reissues.)
     * An Unfinished Life - DVD
     * Fun With Dick & Jane - DVD


     * The Church - “Uninvited, Like The Clouds” (Australian quartet’s 14th album.)
     * Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - “Under The Covers, Volume 1” (An ode to the 60’s.) 
     * Richard Butler - “Richard Butler”
     * Jane’s Addiction - “Best of”
     * The Zutons - “Tired of Hangin’ Around” (import.)
     * Pet Shop Boys - “Fundamental” (import.)
     * Secret Machines - “Ten Silver Drops”
     * Survivor - “Reach” (import.)


     * Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - “All The Roadrunning”
     * Bruce Springsteen - “We Shall Overcome: the Seeger Sessions” (Bruce covers Pete Seeger; Dualdisc.)
     * Dixie Chicks - “TBA”
     * Drive-By Truckers - “A Blessing And A Curse”
     * K.D. Lang - “Reintarnation”
     * Starlight Mints - “Drowaton”
     * The Rewinds - “The Rewinds”
     * The Streets - “The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living” 
     * Match Point - DVD
     * The Matador - DVD
     * Aeon Flux - DVD 


     * Glen Phillips - “Mr. Lemons”
     * The Waterboys - “Fisherman’s Blues” (2 CD remaster; import.)
     * Jewel - “Goodbye Alice In Wonderland”
     * Alejandro Escovedo - “The Boxing Mirror”
     * Lisa Germano - “In The Maybe World”
     * Tool - “TBA”
     * Wolfmother - “Wolfmother”
     * Chris Isaak - “Greatest Hits”
     * The Family Stone - DVD
     * Shopgirl - DVD
     * Casanova - DVD
     * Hoodwinked - DVD


     * Live - “Songs From Black Mountain”
     * Keane - “TBA”
     * Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Stadium Arcadium” (2 CD set.)
     * Danielson Famile - “Ships”
     * Grandaddy - “Just Like The Family Cat”
     * Mission Of Burma - “The Obliterati”
     * The New World - DVD
     * Rumor Has It... - DVD


     * Regina Spektor - “Begin To Hope”
     * The Ringer - DVD


     * Guster - “Ganging Up On The Sun”


     * The Polyphonic Spree - “The Fragile Army”


     * Bruce Cockburn - “TBA”


     * Golden Smog - “Another Fine Day” 


“There's no need to verbalise
when two hearts sometimes harmonise
walking along the salthill promenade
talking about these perfect days we had
all our lives in one place
and though the light just bounces off your face
I know you know

Everything is possible in God's time
but nothing is for sure
all our hurts to wade through
and still we find
blackberry time

There's no need to understand
whenever you try to trust in the plan
we stand in the water and open our toes
and laugh at and love the way the river just goes
downstream, some island to round
I step out and dry my feet on the ground
we soak up burren blue skies
the sun blinds me in your eyes
and I know you know

Everything is possible in God's time
but nothing is for sure
all our hurts to wade through
and still we find
blackberry time.”
Luka Bloom from the song “Blackberry Time” off the album Salty Heaven.

See you in April!

Chris Barlow


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