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The Crossing - April 2006 Edition

Apparently the groundhog did see his shadow? No matter, Spring is here now and Aslan, my friends, is on the move...


Perhaps this should really be called Collaborations of the Month. We’ve got two very promising collaborations that any self-respecting
music fan should find him/herself drooling over. Out April 18th is “Under The Covers, Volume 1” by power pop king Matthew Sweet and 80’s pop princess Susanna Hoffs, leader of The Bangles. If you’re familiar with their individual work, then you know they’ve got what it takes to tackle such a project in which they cover the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Who and The Beatles plus quite a few more. (Actually it’s not as imposing as it looks...they only do a song or two by each.) Matthew Sweet’s and Susanna Hoffs’ music via The Bangles was definitely grounded in the 60’s so it stands to reason that they should both be able to carry out a more than respectable job
in covering these golden pop nuggets from days of yore. Should be a real treat!
To see all that is on this unique collection, check out this link:

Also later this month, out April 25th, is a special duets collaboration from Dire Straits leader/solo artist Mark Knopfler alongside the honey voiced, Country music legend Emmylou Harris. The album is called “All The Roadrunning” and brings together two of music’s biggest names in a way that has great promise written all over it. My guess is this will be like a Mark Knopfler solo album in the way that he covers country inflected rock, soul and celtic infused with Emmylou’s signature vocals. There’s no doubt this will be a real treat for the ears as well! If “Under The Covers, Volume 1” is a remarkable collection of songs from a different age, “All The Roadrunning” should be an album for the ages!

For a sneak look at this album, check out this link:

Aside from these two collaborations, there’s new music coming down the pike from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Queensryche, the Flaming Lips, the Goo Goo Dolls, the Drive By Truckers and The Church among many, many others in just this month alone!

Prepare yourself now as the music year of 2006 cranks itself up!

Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

     * 4D Sea - “Re-Crossings” (Check out Arie Thompson and band at: Go Arie!)
     * Black Crowes - “Freak ‘N Roll into the Fog” (DVD.)
     * Cracker - “Greatest Hits” (CD and DVD.)
     * Various Artists - “Gotta Serve Somebody: the Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan - DVD
     * The Ten Commandments - 3 DVD set; 50th anniversary.


     * Queensryche - “Operation: Mindcrime II” (Seattle quintet’s 10th album.)
     * Flaming Lips - “At War with the Mystics” (w/DVD.)
     * Nine Inch Nails - “Everyday Is Exactly the Same” (EP.)
     * Blue October - “Foiled”
     * The Vines - “Vision Valley”
     * Bruce Robison - “Eleven Stories”
     * Jan Smith - “29 Dances”
     * Sonya Kitchell - “Words Came Back To Me”
     * Umphrey’s McGee - “Safety In Numbers”
     * Be Your Own Pet - “S/T” (import.)
     * Massive Attack - “Collected” (2 CD best of.)
     * Sanctus Real - “Face of Love”
     * Lacuna Coil - “Karmacode”
     * Judas Priest - “Essential Judas Priest” (2 CD set.)
     * Poison - “Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock”
     * Tommy Keene - “Crashing The Ether”
     * Embrace - “This New Day” (import.)
     * Blue Aeroplanes - “Altitude” (Import.)
     * Needtobreathe - “Daylight”
     * Radney Foster - “This World We Live In”
     * Simple Minds - “Black and White 050505” (US release.) 
     * The Innocence Mission - “Birds Of My Neighborhood” (Reissue; remastered by Sufjan Stevens.)
     * Rascal Flatts - “Me & My Gang”
     * Eric Lindell - “Change In The Weather”
     * Matt Nathanson - “At The Point”
     * World Party - 3 remasters
     * The Alarm - “Best of”
     * Soul Asylum - “Closer To The Stars: Best of the Twin Tone Years”
     * J. Geils Band - “Best of”
     * Boston - “Boston” & “Don’t Look Back” (Both remastered.)
     * Crash - DVD (Director’s cut.)
     * The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe - DVD
     * Brokeback Mountain - DVD
     * Ushpizin - DVD
     * Bee Season - DVD
     * New York Doll - DVD


     * The Beatles - “Capitol Albums: Volume 2” (4 CD boxset.)
     * Edwin McCain - “Lost in America” (Edwin covers two Bill Mallonee songs.)
     * Josh Ritter - “The Animal Years”
     * Calexico - “Garden Ruin”
     * Daniel Powter - “Daniel Powter”
     * Ministry - “Rio Grande Blood”
     * Jesu - “Silver”
     * Gotan Project - “Lunatico”
     * The Charlatans - “Simpatico”
     * Built To Spill - “You In Reverse”
     * Saves The Day - “Sound The Alarm”
     * Judith Owen - “Twelve Arrows”
     * The Wreckers - “Stand Still, Look Pretty” (features Michelle Branch.)
     * Pretty Girls Make Graves - “Elan Vital”
     * Rookie of the Year - “The Goodnight Moon”
     * Shonen Knife “Genki Shock!”
     * David Gilmour - “David Gilmour” & “About Face” (Remastered reissues.)
     * PJ Harvey - “Please Leave Quietly: PJ Harvey on Tour” (DVD.)
     * An Unfinished Life - DVD
     * Fun With Dick & Jane - DVD
     * Pooh’s Grand Adventure: the Search for Christopher Robin - DVD


     * The Church - “Uninvited, Like The Clouds” (Australian quartet’s 14th album.)
     * Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - “Under The Covers, Volume 1” (An ode to the 60’s.) 
     * Drive-By Truckers - “A Blessing And A Curse”
     * Adrien Belew - “Side Three”
     * Richard Butler - “Richard Butler”
     * Jane’s Addiction - “Best of”
     * Dresden Dolls - “Yes, Virginia”
     * Erasure - “Union Street”
     * Cities - “Cities”
     * Aphex Twin - “Chosen Lords”
     * Maritime - “We, The Vehicles”
     * Fiery Furnaces - “Bitter Tea”
     * Stereophonics - “Live from Dakota”
     * Whisper In The Noise - “As The Bluebird Sings”
     * Bob Delevante - “Columbus and the Colossal Mistake”
     * Ian Gillian - “Ian Gillian” (Long time Deep Purple vocalist.)
     * Toto - “Falling In Between” (US release; new date.)
     * The Zutons - “Tired of Hangin’ Around” (import.)
     * Pet Shop Boys - “Fundamental” (import.)
     * Secret Machines - “Ten Silver Drops”
     * Survivor - “Reach” (import.)
     * Coachella Festival 2005 - DVD
     * Mrs. Henderson Presents - DVD
     * Breakfast On Pluto - DVD


     * Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris - “All The Roadrunning”
     * Bruce Springsteen - “We Shall Overcome: the Seeger Sessions” (Bruce covers Pete Seeger; Dualdisc.)
     * The Goo Goo Dolls - “Let Love In” (Buffalo, NY trio’s 8th album; new date.)
     * K.D. Lang - “Reintarnation”
     * Starlight Mints - “Drowaton”
     * The Rewinds - “The Rewinds”
     * The Streets - “The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living”
     * Rachael Sage - “Blistering Sun”
     * Taking Back Sunday - “Louder Now”
     * Chapterhouse - “Whirlpool” (Reissue.) 
     * Rush - “Gold” (2 CD best of; covers the Mercury years - ‘Rush’ to ‘Hold Your Fire’.)
     * The Scorpions - “Gold” (2 CD best of.)
     * Cinderella - “Gold” (2 CD best of.)
     * Match Point - DVD
     * The Matador - DVD
     * Tristan + Isolde - DVD
     * Aeon Flux - DVD 


     * Pearl Jam - “Pearl Jam” (Seattle quintet’s 8th album; new date.)
     * Glen Phillips - “Mr. Lemons”
     * The Waterboys - “Fisherman’s Blues” (2 CD remaster; import.)
     * Jewel - “Goodbye Alice In Wonderland”
     * Alejandro Escovedo - “The Boxing Mirror”
     * Lisa Germano - “In The Maybe World”
     * Linda Perry - “Ladyland”
     * Tool - “10,000 Days”
     * Wolfmother - “Wolfmother”
     * Gomez - “How We Operate”
     * Jon Auer - “Songs from the Year of our Demise”
     * Chris Isaak - “Greatest Hits”
     * The Family Stone - DVD
     * Shopgirl - DVD
     * Casanova - DVD
     * Hoodwinked - DVD
     * Last Holiday - DVD


     * Paul Simon - “Surprise”
     * Live - “Songs From Black Mountain”
     * Keane - “Under The Iron Sea”
     * Snow Patrol - “Eyes Open” (new date.)
     * Red Hot Chili Peppers - “Stadium Arcadium” (2 CD set.)
     * New Cars - “It’s Alive”
     * Danielson Famile - “Ships”
     * Grandaddy - “Just Like The Family Cat”
     * Mission Of Burma - “The Obliterati”
     * The New World - DVD
     * Rumor Has It... - DVD
     * Transamerica - DVD
     * Forty Shades Of Blue - DVD


     * T Bone Burnett - “The True False Identity” (First album in 14 years.)
     * T Bone Burnett - “Twenty Twenty: the Essential T Bone Burnett” (2 CD’s; 40 song retrospective.)
     * The Raconteurs - “Broken Boy Soldiers” (Jack White of White Stripes side project.)
     * Ron Sexsmith - “Time Being”
     * Dan Zanes - “Catch That Train”
     * Regina Spektor - “Begin To Hope”
     * House of Lords - “World Upside Down”
     * Michael Kiske - “Kiske” (Former Helloween singer; import.)
     * The Producers ‘05 - DVD
     * Tristram Shandy - DVD
     * The Ringer - DVD
     * Doogal - DVD


     * The Dixie Chicks - “Taking The Long Way”
     * Kansas - “Works In Progress” (2 CD set.)
     * Cheaper By The Dozen 2 - DVD

     * Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint - “River In Reverse”
     * Cheap Trick - “Rockford”
     * The Replacements - “Bastards of Young: the Best of”
     * Saga - “Trust” (import; Canadian quintet’s 16th album.) 
     * Glory Road - DVD
     * The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada - DVD
     * Running Scared - DVD
     * Sarah Silverman - DVD

     * Sonic Youth - “Rather Ripped”
     * Guster - “Ganging Up On The Sun”
     * Neil Young: Heart of Gold - DVD
     * A Good Woman - DVD


     * Frank Black - “Fastman/Raiderman” (2 CD set.)


     * Richard Thompson - “1,000 Years of Popular Music” (w/DVD; traditional and contemporary covers.)


     * The Polyphonic Spree - “The Fragile Army”


     * Ani Difranco - “Reprieve”
     * Bruce Cockburn - “TBA”


     * Golden Smog - “Another Fine Day”  


     * The Who - “The Glass Household” (EP.)
     * Tom Petty - “Highway Companion”
     * Soul Asylum - “The Silver Lining” (New title.)
     * Audioslave - “Revelations”

       Thought this was a highly interesting lyric and the cure of course, is remaining young at heart!

       It can get you to go higher
       Higher than you ever thought you’d go
       Wheel you in a spiral
       On a journey to the great unknown
       Where nature and her forces
       Constitute the only truth
       I love it most of all
       The wisdom of youth

       It can spur you on to greatness
       To triumph over nagging fears
       To overcome all obstacles
       The vision of your destination clear
       And it lets you choose the reckless
       And oftentimes the most dangerous route
       I love it most of all
       The wisdom of youth
       I wish I had it back again
       The urge to sip from every mountain stream
       Where every season promises
       A host of golden, open-ended dreams
       And every mornings joyful
       With the prospect of the days and nights to come
       I love it most of all
       The wisdom of the young

       O beautiful innocence
       O wisdom of youth
       Will you walk with me a while
       Down laneways walled with summer fruits

       And in the silence of the evening
       We’ll look west at the last light of the sun
       Fading away
       I love it most of all
       The wisdom of the young
       It’s the God’s honest truth
       You can’t bate the youth
       The God’s honest truth.
       The Saw Doctors from the song “Wisdom Of Youth” off the album The Cure.

Brings tears to your eyes...

Speaking of season is upon us and the boys of summer have taken the field...


See you in May!

Chris Barlow


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