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The Crossing - September 2006 Edition

Welcome back again. Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. With the change in season comes the NFL season. Just want to say, may the best team win. For me, it’s go Rams! There’s tons and tons of music and movies coming out and thankfully, there seems to be some decent films starting to show up in the theaters that are worth seeing. Always a good thing. As an aside, can you think of some films released this year that might be nominated for Best Picture? So far, I can hardly think of any quite worthy of a nomination. Hopefully, there are some good things in the pipeline this Fall... 


I picked up the latest from Iron Maiden the other day. First off, I picked it up cause I’m a fan and wanted to hear it, but also I wanted to see if anything had changed in their world. Seems there have been some significant changes which are worth mentioning. If you’re not a fan or if you don’t even know who Iron Maiden is, let me give you some background. Iron Maiden is, as they are now, a six piece band that found its beginnings in the East End of London, England. The band started to form in the late '70’s and released their debut album in 1980. Their latest, entitled “A Matter of Life and Death”, is their 14th studio album. If you are into heavy metal or like heavier music you may already be well acquainted with this band. If you are into newer metal music of today and wish to get a better idea of some of the genre’s roots, you’ll find that one of the bigger lifelines in the palm of Metal is Iron Maiden. (Not to mix metaphors.) The music and
writing of Iron Maiden has always been something akin to Dungeons & Dragons or maybe Indiana Jones. It’s aural excitement and adventure and fantasy all delivered in a melodic, heavy wall of sound. Inspiration comes from films and literature and history, as well as some social commentary. It’s not to be taken overly seriously but mostly as entertainment. With that said, one thing that has always set Iron Maiden above their competition is their remarkable consistency in their music and musicianship and their commitment to quality and to their enormous fanbase. To paraphrase another famous metal band, they deliver the goods! The main reason why I wanted to
make mention of them this month is ‘cause with everyone, you eventually grow up and start writing about what is important in your life and what is important in your hearts even if it takes a while to finally reach that point. With the arrival of the five year anniversary of 9/11, the ripple effects of this tragic, historic day is still being felt around the globe. Many, many artists are showing reflection of this day in their work and Iron Maiden is no exception. On this day, I think the lyrics at the bottom of this page, written by founding member Steve Harris, are as significant as any artist might be writing right now. Read the words below and pause and reflect. For those that died on September 11th, 2001 and for the days ahead...

        Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

      * Ty Tabor - “Rock Garden”
      * Shelby Lynne - “Definitive Collection”
      * Steve Earle - “Definitive Collection”
      * Black Tape for a Blue Girl - “Remnants of a Deeper Purity”
      * William Elliott Whitmore - “Song of the Blackbird”
      * Brian McComas - “Back Up Again”
      * Jim Capalongo - “Heaven Is Creepy”
      * The Elders - “Racing In The Tide”
      * Buck Jones - “Lucky Star”
      * Markus Rill - “The Price Of Sin”
      * Jason Wilber - “Lazy Afternoon”
      * William Lee Ellis - “God’s Tattoos”
      * Cursive - “Happy Hollow”
      * Edgewater - “We’re Not Robots”
      * Katchafire - “Revival”
      * Snowden - “Anti-Anti”
      * Luca - Sick Of Love
      * The Golden Dogs - “Big Eye Little Eye”
      * Union of Knives - “Violence and Birdsong”
      * This Day And Age - “The Bell and the Hammer”
      * Eluvium - “When I Live by the Garden and the Sea”
      * Modern Day Saint - “And Tomorrow We Will Have Nothing”
      * Barlowgirl - “Another Journal Entry” (Expanded edition.)
      * Flyleaf - “Flyleaf”
      * Chantal Kreviazuk - “Ghost Stories”
      * Aldo Nova - Best of
      * Various Artists - “Rockabye Baby! Lullabye re-enditions of Metallica, Radiohead and Coldplay.” Check out: here
      * Brother Bear 2 - DVD
      * The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - DVDs; each movie released separately as well as together as a complete boxset. All three
          films contain theatrical versions as well as special extended versions.        


     * Iron Maiden - “A Matter Of Life And Death” 
     * Audioslave - “Revelations”
     * Kate Campbell & Spooner Oldham - “For the Living of These Days”
     * Jars Of Clay - “Good Monsters”
     * Hem - “Funnel Cloud”
     * Alice In Chains - “Essential” (2 CD set; new date.)
     * United 93 - DVD
     * Unknown White Male - DVD
     * Dead Man’s Shoes - DVD
     * Kinky Boots - DVD


     * R.E.M. - “...And I Feel Fine: Best of I.R.S. Years 1982-1987” (w/bonus rarities disc.)
     * Bob Seger - “Face The Promise” (w/DVD.)
     * Kasey Chambers - “Carnival” (new date.)
     * The Mars Volta - “Amputecture” (new date.)
     * The Barenaked Ladies - “Barenaked Ladies Are Me”
     * Everclear - “Welcome To The Drama Club”
     * Veruca Salt - “IV”
     * Los Lobos - “The Town and the City”
     * Ben Kweller - “Ben Kweller”
     * John Mayer - “Continuum”
     * Chris Thile - “How To Grow A Woman From The Ground”
     * Shawn Colvin - “These Four Walls” (Nonesuch label debut; Patty Griffin and Greg Leisz guest.)
     * Madeleine Peyroux - “Half The Perfect World”
     * Cara Dillion - “After The Morning”
     * Jim Cuddy - “The Light That Guides You Home”
     * Richard Buckner - “Meadow”
     * Eric Matthews - “Foundation Sounds”
     * Starflyer 59 - “My Island”
     * The Ettes - “Shake The Dust” 
     * The Duhks - “Migrations”
     * Carbon Leaf - “Love Loss Hope Repeat”
     * Aynsley Lister - “Everything I Need”
     * The Album Leaf - “Into The Blue Again”
     * The Black Keys - “Magic Potion”
     * Magnolia Electric Co. - “Fading Trails”
     * Now It’s Overhead - “Dark Light Daybreak”
     * Kasabian - “Empire”
     * Roddy Hart - “Bookmarks”
     * Dan Reeder - “Sweetheart”
     * Citizen Cope - “Every Waking Moment”
     * Yo La Tengo - “I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your A**”
     * Sandi Thom - “Smile...It Confuses People”
     * Papa Roach - “Paramour Sessions”
     * Dead Moon - “Echoes of the Past” (2 CD set.)
     * Sirens Sister - “Echoes from the Ocean Floor”
     * Sugarcult - “Lights Out”
     * Avett Brothers - “The Gleam ”
     * Jonatha Brooke - “Live in New York” (w/DVD.)
     * Robert Cray - “Live from Across the Pond” (2 CD set.)
     * Steve Hackett - “Wild Orchids”
     * Mastodon - “Blood Mountain”
     * Meliah Rage - “The Deep and Dreamless Sleep”
     * KT Tunstall - “Eye to the Telescope” (Deluxe reissue w/DVD.)
     * Robert Plant - “Nine Lives” (Post Led Zeppelin boxset; 9 CD’s and 1 DVD.)
     * The Police - “Everyone Stares” (DVD documentary.)
     * Blade Runner - DVD (New director’s cut.)
     * Star Wars - Episode IV: A New Hope - DVD (2 DVD sets; These contain the very original, unmodified editions first screened in
        theaters in 1977, 1980 and 1983 as well as the special edition versions. Sold separately for the first time.) 
     * Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - DVD
     * Star Wars - Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi - DVD
     * Lucky Number Slevin - DVD
     * Goal! The Dream Begins... - DVD
     * The Wild - DVD 


     * Neal Morse - “Cover To Cover” (Former Spock’s Beard singer covers U2, Paul McCartney, Moody Blues, and Cream, etc.)
     * Indigo Girls - “Despite Our Differences”
     * Elton John - “The Captain & the Kid”
     * Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - “Then The Letting Go”
     * Diana Krall - “From This Moment On”
     * New Found Glory - “Coming Home”
     * The Whigs - “Give Em All a Big Fat Lip”
     * Sloan - “Never Hear the End of it”
     * Corb Lund - “Hair in my Eyes like a Highland Steer”
     * Jonny Lang - “Turn Around”
     * Jane’s Addiction - “Best of” (new date.)
     * The Pogues - 5 remastered reissues w/bonus tracks
     * Various Artists - “My Name Is Earl”
     * Various Artists - “Rockabye Baby! Lullabye Re-enditions of Pink Floyd and Tool.
     * U2 - “Live in Sydney on the Zoo TV Tour” (DVD.)
     * Stick It - DVD
     * Hard Candy - DVD
     * The Proposition - DVD (Nick Cave project.)


     * Soloman Burke - “Nashville”
     * Jay Bennett - “The Magnificent Defeat” 
     * Sean Lennon - “Friendly Fire”
     * The Lemonheads - “The Lemonheads”
     * Bobby Bare, Jr. - “The Longest Meow”
     * The Kennedys - “Songs of the Open Road” (covers project.)
     * Sparklehorse - “Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain”
     * The Black Crowes - “Lost Crowes” (2 CD set; new date.)
     * UFO - “The Monkey Puzzle”
     * ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic - “Straight Outta Lynwood”
     * Scissor Sisters - “Ta-Dah”
     * Sarah McLachlan - “Mirrorball” (Complete 2 CD live set.)
     * Amy Grant - “Time Again: Amy Grant Live”
     * Tori Amos - “A Piano: The Collection” (5 CD boxset.)
     * The Lake House - DVD 
     * Curious George - DVD
     * The Notorious Bettie Page - DVD


     * Evanescence - “The Open Door”
     * The Killers - “Sam’s Town”
     * Jet - “Shine On”
     * Beck - “The Information”
     * ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - “TBA”
     * The Decemberists - “The Crane Wife”
     * Linsey Buckingham - “Under The Skin”
     * Robyn Hitchcock - “Ole! Tarantula”
     * The Dears - “Gang of Losers”
     * The Hold Steady - “Boys and Girls of America” 
     * Trey Anastasio - “Bar 17”
     * Amos Lee - “Supply and Demand” 
     * Journey - 5 more remastered reissues
     * Steve Perry - 3 remastered reissues
     * X Men III: The Last Stand - DVD
     * Thank You For Smoking - DVD
     * Once In A Lifetime - DVD
     * The Little Mermaid - DVD (Disney.)


     * Sting - “Songs From The Labyrinth” (Sting goes lute.)
     * Robert Pollard - “Normal Happiness”
     * Mindy Smith - “Long Island Shores”
     * Aerosmith - “Devil’s Got a New Disguise: Very Best of”
     * Various Artists - Rockabye Baby! Lullabye re-enditions of The Cure and The Beach Boys.
     * A Prairie Home Companion - DVD
     * Art School Confidential - DVD
     * Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties - DVD  


     * Sarah McLachlan - “Wintersong” (Xmas CD.)
     * The Tragically Hip - “World Container” (Produced by Bob Rock.)
     * Damien Jurado - “And Now That I’m In Your Shadow”
     * Tanya Donelly - “This Hungry Life”
     * Goldfrapp - “We Are Glitter”
     * Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - “Love Their Country”
     * Badly Drawn Boy - “Born in the UK”
     * Jeremy Enigk - “World Waits”
     * Chris DeBurgh - “Story Man”
     * Def Leppard - “Hysteria” (Deluxe Edition 2 CD set.)
     * Over The Hedge - DVD
     * The Breakup - DVD
     * American Dreamz - DVD
     * The Omen ‘06 - DVD


     * Bright Eyes - “Noise Floor” (Bsides and rarities.)
     * The Curtains - “Calamity”
     * Europe - “Secret Society” (import.)
     * An American Haunting - DVD
     * Slither - DVD
     * The Road To Guantanamo - DVD


     * The Who - “Endless Wire” (Their first album in 24 years.)
     * Meatloaf - “Bat Out Of Hell III”
     * The Deftones - “Saturday Night Wrist”
     * Graham Coxon - “Love Travels At Illegal Speeds” 
     * Willie Nelson - “Songbird”
     * Various Artists - “Rockabye Baby! Lullabye re-enditions of Led Zeppelin and Nirvana.
     * Mission: Impossible III - DVD
     * Keeping Up With The Steins - DVD


     * Cars - DVD
     * Wordplay - DVD

     * Joan Osborne - “Pretty Little Stranger”
     * Styx - “One With Everything” (DVD; live with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra.)
     * Brothers of the Head - DVD


     * Sufjan Stevens - “Songs for Christmas” (5 CD set.)
     * Tom Waits - “Orphans” (3 CD set.)
     * Oasis - “Stop The Clocks: Best of”
     * Ice Age 2: The Meltdown - DVD

      LYRICS of the MONTH:

       Are you a man of peace
       Or man of holy war
       Too many sides to you
       Don’t know which anymore
       So many full of life
       But also filled with pain
       Don’t know just how many
       Will live to breath again

       A life that’s made to breath
       Destruction or defense
       A mind that’s vain corruption
       Bad or good intent
       A wolf in sheep’s clothing
       Or saintly or sinner
       Or some that would believe
       A holy war winner
       They fire off many shots
       And many parting blows
       Their actions beyond a reasoning
       Only god would know
       And as he lies in heaven
       Or it could be in hell
       I feel he’s somewhere here
       Or looking from below
       But I don’t know, I don’t know

       Please let me know what life is
       Please let me know what love is
       Well tell me now what war is
       Again tell me what life is

       More pain and misery in the history of mankind
       Sometimes it seems more like
       The blind leading the blind
       It brings upon us more of famine, death and war
       You know religion has a lot to answer for

       And as they search to find the bodies in the sand
       They find its ashes that are scattered across the land
       And as their spirits seem to whistle on the wind
       A shot is fired somewhere, another war begins
       And all because of it you’d think that we would learn
       But still the body count, the city fires burn
       Somewhere there’s someone dying in a foreign land
       Meanwhile the world is crying stupidity of man
       Tell me why, tell me why

       Please tell me now what life is
       Please tell me now what love is
       Well tell me now what war is
       Again tell me what life is
       For the greater good of God

       He gave his life for us, he fell upon the cross
       To die for all of those who never mourn his loss
       It wasn’t meant for us to feel the pain again
       Tell me why, tell me why.

     Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), the song “For the Greater Good of God” off of the album A Matter of Life and Death.

To learn more about Iron Maiden and their mascot Eddie, please explore here. p.s. They really are nice people!

See you in October...

Chris Barlow


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