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The Best CD-Releasiní Reasons Why Ď06 Will Not Be
Just Another New Year!!!

By psychologist, Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT

To set the tone for what is about to be revealed to you, feel free to listen to and download, for free, the following Dr. BLTune:

Another New Years Day? (Ď06 mix)
Words and music by Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT ©2004, 2005

December 16. 2005
Looks like the computer is down and Iíll have to rely on this old typewriter.  I hope I donít run out of ribbon.  Happy NNNNew Year Everyone.  Youíll have to excuse me, the capital NNNN sticks a bit on this old 1967 model.  Let me not get ssstuck on the typewriter issssue (looks like the ďsssĒ is ssssticking too).   On second thought, Iíve ssstill got a bit of time, let me go ahead and take this old thing in to be repaired.  

December 28, 2005
There, that seems to be much better.  I couldnít wait for this typewriter to come back repaired because I was so excited to tell you why I believe that Ď06 will be much more than just another new year.  The line-up of highly anticipated CD releases is simply phenomenal.  Did you know that the Pixies are getting set to release their first album in 14 years.  Excuse me for a moment, looks like my wife is still asleep and the baby just woke up famished.  Let me get to her and then right back to you.

January 1, 2006, 7:39 am
Iím back everyone, sorry for the delay, but she was really hungry!  Oh, BTW: Happy New Year!  Oh, no! There she goes again.  Wait, donít go anywhere, this time Iíll be right back, I promise.  

January 1, 2006, 7:42 am
There, didnít I tell you Iíd be back soon?  Iíve decided that this time Iím going to try and feed her while typing, so please be patient with me.  Iím going to try typing with one finger.  Now, where was I?  Oh, yes, The Pixies.  Who could forget the Pixies?  They were one of the most entertaining and delightfully innovative groups of the '80s. Thereís not album title yet, and no precise date, but rumor has it, it will be before the end of the year.  

In the world of country, Josh Turner, who gave us that big hit with a powerful Christian message, Long, Black Train, will release Your Man.  Heís been one of the most critically acclaimed new country artists of this decade, and I even got to see him perform live in my home town:

the legendary George Jones plans to release When the Grass Grows Over Me on January 3.  Let me tell you, folks, after that day, youíll swear the grass was never greener.  And for those sentimental folks who are still grieving over the loss of Christmas, Burl Ives will be releasing a CD containing 30 Great Performances on January 9.  Thereís no telling if it will include his Christmas classics, but weíll have to wait until the 9th to find out.  Itís kind of like not knowing whatís under the Christmas tree.  Merle Haggard, who inspired my WFMU 91.1 FM New York City hit, 

Merle Hasnít Lost His Fightiní Side
Words and music by Dr. BLT, ©2005

is releasing Country Hit Parade: Love Songs on January 10.  And on January 31, Johnny Cash, the one who inspired my forthcoming CD, Blackout, featuring songs like this:

What Would Johnny Do?
Words and music by Dr. BLT, ©2005

is posthumously releasing Johnny Cash: At San Quentin and Folsom Prison: The Man, His World, His Music.   Iím also looking forward to another posthumous release: John Denver: Love Songs, scheduled for release on January 10, the same day that The White Stripes, featuring Jack White, the one who produced and performed on one of the most critically acclaimed CDs of the decade, heretofore, Van Lear Rose by Loretta Lynn  will be releasing Denial Twist.  BTW, Jack White is heavily indebted to the music of Johnny Cash, and the trend Cash and producer Rick Rubin started: having old, country legends perform modern rock songs.  The White Stripes is, without at doubt, one of the most important bands of this decade, and so this release could cause quite a buzz.  

INXS is back with a new lead singer, who competed on a live cable reality show to secure center stage, will release Pretty Vegas on January 10.  Pretty Vegas is a pretty big gamble, but, based on the hit song it has already spawned, Iím sure the gamble will pay off.  Like Kenny Rogers said in The Gambler, ď...youíve got to know when to hold Ďem, know when to fold Ďem, know when to walk away and know when to run...Ē  There will be other noteworthy CD releases throughout Ď06.  

Iím looking forward to P.O.D.ís January 24 release: Testify.  I wonder how it will compare to the other consistently great work theyíve put out, like Payable Upon Death: I have a feeling the world of rock, particularly Christ-centered rock, will have a lot to talk about on that day.  Speaking of Christ-centered rock, I hear that Petra will be putting out their highly anticipated Farwell DVD, and, on March 21, youíll get to get a little retro and sentimental with Steve Greenís The Ultimate Worship Collection.  

And Gospel music will have plenty to praise God about, with George Beverly Sheaís Iíd Rather Have Jesus: 20 Song Treasure, Petraís Farwell DVD, The Gaither Vocal Bandís Give it Away

The biggest releases this year, could be on labels so small, you may never hear about them, unless you do some digging, and I would recommend that you do.  And then there is always the possibility that the greatest CD of all time will never be released at all, because the artist may not care to put it out there in a commercial way.  I could go on and on to talk about Ď06 releases from Velvet Revolver, Linkiní Park, Travis, Prince, The Strokes, even the Pet Shop Boys, and these CDs are sure to rock the year.  This year promises to usher in some great new stuff and some great old standards.  Youíve always heard it said, ďRing out the old, ring in the new,Ē but we all should be 

Holding the Hands of Time
Words and music by Dr. BLT ©2005

and treasuring all of the good music, past, present and future, that God breathes into the hearts and souls of those he has blessed with the gift of music.  Actually, weíve all been blessed with the gift of music, though some were meant to play and some to Ďppreciate.  Not all of the musicians I mentioned give credit where credit is due, so letís pray that they will gain a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ and begin to thank Him, the Giver of Gifts for the opportunity to share their gifts in what is sure to be  a breathtakingly wonderful year for music! Thereís so much Iíve missed and yes, I could go on, but typing with one finger can get old after awhile.  If itís possible to get one-finger-carpal-tunnel-syndrome, I think Iíve got a very bad case of it right now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Phantom Tollbooth visitors!


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