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Ten Years Later—The Phantom Tollbooth Techie and Talker

Ten years ago, two ladies of a certain age found each other through a mutual love of Christian music. Music had always been important to each of them, but after they'd become Christians, music about the profound change they'd each experienced took on new importance in each of their separate lives. But it was a lonely and frustrating fascination. The music they liked wasn't on the radio. It wasn't easy to buy. It wasn't easy to hear about the shows. It wasn't easy to share with friends. After they found each other and started going to shows together, the frustration to get information intensified.

"Harumph. No one will answer our questions at these shows," Linda growled on the phone.

"We aren't important enough," Shari replied. "I want to know when the records are coming out!"

"Yeah. We're still in the dark. We have to become players," Linda strategically observed.

"We're not starting a band," Shari flatly stated, a vow she's repeated many times since, "And we don't have any capital we want to 
lose," another oft-repeated refrain, "So promoting is out."

"Too bad we can't afford to publish," Linda sighed, "Journalists get all their questions answered because they can share that information with the world. We're both lucky if we have free time to sit at home on our computers."

"Sure we can." Shari said confidently.

"How?" Linda shot back.

"On the Internet," said Shari.

"We can?" said Linda, who at least had the brains to realize if anyone could figure out how, it was Shari. "Where will we find the 

"On the Internet," said Shari. "But how could we ever approach these stars and get them to talk to us?"

Thus the techie and the talker blonde baby boomers found the winning combination. To God be the glory.

Born the first Sunday of Advent, 1996, the shadowy structure The Phantom Tollbooth is now ten years old. Its many thousands of readers can attest that after 240 issues, 6,252 pages of content, and numerous citations in other publications, the 208 writers and editors stuffed inside have created the Internet's most important publication covering music and more from a Christian perspective.

Linda and Shari are extremely grateful to everyone who has shared the journey. What started as a quest for information and access quickly turned into a ministry to writers and readers and they are both grateful the publication has been entrusted to them so long. They both promise to slow down and have their change ready for the road ahead.


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