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Rake's Thinking Again? More Thoughts...

Fans of My Thoughts,

Blame-or thank?-the relative eon between my mentally mercurial missives on the faultiness of Windows ME (since upgraded to XP) and People PC ("an easier way to Internet"?;no, just cheaper). With those troubles no longer troubling for now, here's more of my thinking, just for you...

With his already shiny production and more than a couple non-commercial remixes already having made some sanctified dance DJs' playlists, wouldn't an album of trance, house, bigbeat, etc. post-productions be the next logical move for a new(ish) Michael W. Smith album? And wouldn't that  be better than another instrumental set?
Isn't the Theologian Of The Year that received recent notice in a Black Gospel Promo email blast among the most superfluous reasons to spend money at a trophy shop? I have much love for John P. Kee, but methinks the entrepreneurial choir director may not exactly be  on the level of R.C. Sproul nor Gordon Fee. And I'd say that the award has been given to a certain facially hirsute Southern Californian buyer of TBN's time automatically throws the distinction into disrepute.
What has become of Michael Peace? The rapper was crazy prolific for a few years and recorded a live rap album that predated the one by Boogie Down Productions (also years before BDP leader KRS-One tried to synchetrize his hip-hop religion with Christianity for a "gospel" album). Tried a Google search on him, and it's a bit astounding what little comes up. And if anyone out there has a copy of the green-and-black swirl vinyl promotional single of his cover of Amy Grant's "Wise Up," I'd give you a couple of bucks (at least) for it.     I'm not saying Peace was consistently spellbinding, but the guy was sincere and high in profile.
Wouldn't the next breakthrough for Christian market music be to earn one of the gold or platinum certiification the Recording Industry Association of America is offering for ringtones? Uh, maybe not.
I don't wish Scott Stapp ill, but how debased must his rep' be when a mom at my church who knows I write about music but heretofore never asked me about any musicians asks me whether he's no longer Christian? I explained to her that his most recent unfavorable press was about his indiscretions with Kid Rock (whatever happened to the rumors about his coming to the Lord?) and a couple of bimbos, but that those indiscretions were years ago. Here's hoping that's the last of the big, pathetic deals about Stapp.
Weren't the digs given Kirk Cameron and his evangelistic TV show a while ago on VH1's often hilarious Best Week Ever at least a little mean-spirited?  Now that I've stood up for him, here's hoping he doesn't star in another risible Left Behind movie!
Does Ultrabeat not have a U.S. recording deal, since I didn't get any kind of press release about his/their cracking the top 40 of the U.K. general market pop and dance singles charts? Had I been sent the promotional copy of the single I'd requested, I'd have the single's name more readily at hand, but I believe it's "Elysium."
How does it work that church friends of mine who say, and I believe, that they otherwise never listen to anything other than Christian (market) music will nevertheless faithfully watch American Idol? Not that it's my business, but it seems a tad dichotomous, yes?
Remember the '90s positive country movement and how it was supposed to be an alternative to the already fairly squeaky clean general market commercial radio country music of the time? Though the Country Gospel Music Guild ( soldiers on with its Circuit Rider compilations for radio DJ's willing to play them, maybe the time for a higher profile, concerted effort is in order. That's not to say that I don't enjoy any of the recent radio hits by Sugarland, Eric Church, Ray Scott and others who emply PG-level lyrical cussing, but I'd rather not have to wonder whether I'm going to hear edited or unedited versions when I tune in on the FM dial for some twang. And if Toby Keith and Trace Adkins could get over the lothario tendencies heard in recent hits for them, I'd be happier still.
How torn should I feel when I go to the secular, avowedly leftist community sponsored FM to pay a pledge I made to it (got the new Greg Palast in the deal, too!;yeah, he's a leftie, too, but has a sense of humor most of his kind lack) and overhear the volunteer staff joke about the Christians upset about how some of Bill Gates' and Warren Buffet's foundation money might go to pro-abortion causes when I don't support, and rarely listen to, the cCm station in the same city? Where am I more apt to hear  Danielson, Sufjan Stevens, The Chuck Wagon Gang, Fred Hammond, Peter Case, I.K. Dairo and other music I like a lot by others of my kin in Christ? Where do you think?
   Still, I'm torn. Suggestions?
I've not a clue as to what label would be willing to re-release it, as it wouldn't likely be the one that did originally, but am I the only one fiending for a CD reissue of Lisa Whelchel's kinda-of new wavy album produced by Steve Taylor? And it has to have dance remnixes! You know a fair number of the people who have nabbed at least one of the Facts Of Life DVD box sets would buy such a novelty, right?
   And yes, part of my wanting such a disc is because I came into cCm just a touch too late to buy the original LP, at least significantly below the list price Xian bookshops around me uniformly charged at the time. 
   I also think I could write some hecka' cool liner notes for the thing.
What kind of nifty informercials for soul gospel compilations am I missing by my local cable TV provider not carrying  BET? And why hasn't Bobby Jones plucked down the funds to put his gospel show on TBN, which is carried on our cable? Maybe Jones is sticklingly loyal to BET and/or weirdly ethical about where he lets his program run. 
Ever heard any of Glenn Campbell's work produced by The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson from the days before Mr. Rhinestone Cowboy became a regular country-to-pop crossover act? Just heard one of Campbell's and Wilson's collaborations on the aforementioned leftie FM to which I've pledged. Awfully sweet! I know Campbell might not have been Christian at the time, but a lot of saints who like Tonio K. still enjoy his b.C. (before Christ, y'know) material, too, right? 

Jamie Lee Rake, 
Your Questioner of the (Sub-)Cultural Status Quo


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