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Rake Thoughts

Whatever became of the P.O.D./Matisyahu tour that Wuvtold me  last year was going to happen this year?
 And will Wuv's and Sonny Sandoval's proopsed reggae side project (again, am relying on my interview with the Wuv) be recorded and released soon, much less make a bigger commercial splash than the latest P.O.D. longplayer?
What Christian market female soloists can legitimately have aspersions cast as to the quality of their singing voice as Paris Hilton is having cast at hers? Who's ready to name names? And just how much of a loop would a Christian conversion by Hilton throw into The Simple Life?
Though it's topped Billboard's cCm album chart for for a long while, have you heard anything from Alan Jackson's recent, and remarkably good, gospel album on cCm radio, much less general market and/or Christian country radio? That would be one of us.
Apart from Lion Of Zion Records' compilation of it, and its contributing indie acts, where's any other Christian reggaeton, especially in Christian bookshops? And if any of you readers know whether ex-pastor and reggaeton heavyweight Don Omar is a bro' in the Lord, how about writing me with a confirmation of that?
Much as some segments of American Christendom embrace elements of Judaica such as the  blowing of a shofar and praise&worship ditties with Hebraic minor key flavor, isn't it at least a little surprising that there hasn't yet been a movement of messiancic klezmer music? Again, if anyone knows of any, hip me to it! Same for any gospel zydeco!
You know what double bill would rawk? Getting  The Knights Of The New Crusade  on the same stage as tonsured '60s punk progenitors The Monks! And if Doug Van Pelt  could hand over the reins of HM Magazine for a bit, make it a triple  bill with Lust Control!
Don't current country radio hitmakers Little Big Town have the kind of co-ed harmonies that you wish FFH could muster? Maybe that's just me. But an LBT cCm CD would probably be A-OK, eh?
Remember that album from earlier in the '00s of soul gospel acts remaking Bob Dylan songs? Wouldn't the same idea work wonders with Larry Norman? For instance, Andrae' Crouch could likely do wonders to something from Only Visiting This Planet or Something New Under The Son instead of turning his own oldies into overproduced treacle, per his latest longplayer.

For irony's sake, how about getting some Southern gospel acts to cover Norman? James Blackwood's dust would be spinning at tsunami speed in his casket at that one, huh?
Does Vickie Winans' inclusion of a photo album-of herself-in her latest album define a new high/low in marketing savvy turned into (what certainly appears to be) self-aggrandizement? Sure, she's one good-looking, if perhaps a bit overly made-up, woman, but even if her exhibition of quite healthy self-love is supposed to have a rubbing off effect of somewhow empowering other Afrimerican women who, unlike Winans, don't have endorsement deals with a clothing line and access to personal trainers, this seems a bit much.
Wouldn't Carrie Underwood's current single, all about a guy's cheating and her protagoinst wreaking revenge by sundry destructive acts, sound more convincing were to to have come from someone whose previous two radio hits weren't two of the sappiest pieces of dreck to hit commercial country radio in recent months?
Will Chris Rice build any general market momentum with his current adult contemporary hit since 'most every other song  he sings is explicitly references the Lord? 'Twould be nifty if he did. Goodness knows it's the Almighty's hand that has let MercyMe keep charting as a general market a.c. act. And about Rice again, does that a.c. hit of his really belong on Christian radio? Am not so sure of that.

Jamie Lee Rake, 
Your Questioner of the (Sub-)Cultural Status Quo


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