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Single Serving: 
By psychologist, Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT 
Song: The First Cut is the Deepest 
Songwriter: Cat Stevens 

For your free download of Dr. BLTís cover of The First Cut is the Deepest, 
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I would have given you all of my heart
but there's someone who's torn it apart
and she's "taken" almost all that I've got
but if you want, I'll try to love again
baby I'll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest, baby I know
The first cut is the deepest
'cause when it comes to being lucky she's cursed
when it comes to lovin' me she's worst
but when it comes to being loved she's first
that's how I know 

As a clinical psychologist, Iím not in the business of offering open-heart surgery.  No, that is not my specialty.  But I have performed plenty of broken heart surgeries in my time.  I donít use the tools of a surgeon to perform my operations.  But I do find music to be an essential tool. 

Hereís a single every newly single, freshly crushed, broken-hearted person needs to find underneath their Christmas tree.  

Has your heart ever been cut at Christmastime?  Heartaches are extraordinarily difficult to cope with, especially heartaches introduced in the midst of the Christmas season.  Hereís a song that can put just enough of a balm on the wound to get you in the mood to begin singing Christmas songs---well, at least songs like Elvisís Blue Christmas.

When the New Year arrives, youíll need to build on the balm offered by this Cat classic.  There are plenty of songs out there that can be ďinstrumentalĒ in your recovery process.  Songs, by themselves cannot heal a broken heart.  That generally also takes time; the support of close friends and family; and, plenty of prayer.  But rock can play a significant role.  Most songs that serve as heartache healing agents, gently open, and then, soothe the wound---capturing your feelings of brokenness, deep sorrow, and loneliness in a manner that allows you to engage in a sort of vicarious catharsis.     

Neil Sedaka proclaimed that Breaking up is Hard to Do in a classic Sedaka single.  In the Elton John/Bernie Taupin classic, Donít Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Elton sorrowfully sings:Ö but these cuts I have---they need love to help them heal. 

Without a doubt, the first cut requires more love, and takes more time to heal.  This has to do with innocence and all of the delusional expectations that often accompanies the unseasoned heart.  The reason Cat Stevenís The First Cut is the Deepest has been covered a first, second, and third time (my version makes at least four, probably more), is because the melody and lyrics come together in such a way that the listener actually feels the sting of the cut, and the ache of the heart, especially when the song is being so deftly delivered with such emotionally-convincing artists as Rod Stewart and Cheryl Crow. 

I was just a freshman in High School when I fell in love with the song.  I extent of my heart injuries were a few first-date rejections.  But the cuts were just deep enough for me to find comfort in the song.  Years, and several cuts later, I still find comfort in this song, and now that the cuts have turned to scars, Iím ready to pass the song on to somebody who may be less experienced at broken-heart recovery.  

Jesus came to this earth as a little baby to offer us deliverance.  When he left, he did not leave us alone.  He left us a comforter.  The Holy Spiritís primary role is that of comforting.  So whether youíre a victim of that ďfirst cut,Ē poignantly portrayed in The First Cut is the Deepest, or youíve been cut so many times that youíre beginning to feel like a cutting board, you can find comfort in the spirit.  

Ultimately, the spirit offers the deepest relief.  But friends, fellowship and songs like the one Iíve introduced today, also have a time and a place in your journey past the pain, towards the promised land of comfort and peace.  Though it may be the deepest, may your first cut not be so deep as to keep you from ever loving again.  The second or third time may be the charm.  



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