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Artist: Grits
Label: Gotee
Time: 17 tracks/1.1 hours

Spiritual completion is not the only thing 7 stands for; it also represents the seventh release of Christian hip-hop’s greatest rap duo, Grits.  Since their beginnings in 1993, Grits’ popularity has skyrocketed, building a stronger momentum with each record release.  In 2005, their video “Hittin’ Curves” hit the Dean’s List at MTVu and its album Dichotomy B was nominated for a Grammy Award as “Best Rock Gospel Album.”  Eleven years since their first CD and seven records later, Grits has finally released a well-anticipated greatest hits album, Seven, and it was well-worth the wait.

On this album, listeners will get a wide array of Grits’ affluent style, layered song textures and witty lyrics.  Seven includes thirteen breakthrough hits, including “Hittin’ Curves,” “I Be,” and “Bobbin’ Bouncin” from the Dichotomy series.  From The Art of Translation comes Grits’ big hit “Here We Go” and a remix of the ever popular “Ooh Aah” featuring TobyMac.  Grits also includes three brand new, hot off the studio songs that deliver the same freshness and quality as its previous hits.  One song in particular that caught my ear was “I Try,” a new song feature Jason Eskridge, an incredible gospel/folk singer who adds a beautiful element to Grits’ already unique sound.

So what makes Grits’ style so unique? Charisma.  As defined by Webster, charisma is “a rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm” and “personal magnetism or charm”.  Yes, Grits has charisma down to a T.  From the very beginning, the dynamic duo has created an extraordinary style that encompasses listeners and inspires the heart. 

Prepare yourself to be rapped-up in one of Christian hip-hop’s greatest assets.  With Grits’ new album, Seven, hip-hop lovers and even hip-hop toleraters will be more than pleased to hear the extraordinary sounds of the best of the best in Christian hip-hop. 

By Sarah Verno, March 31, 2006 

GRITS has undoubtedly became to Christian music what Eminem and Jay Z are to mainstream music--icons. Don't worry though, they are unlike any icons this world has ever seen. GRITS, which stands for Grammatical Revolutions In the Spirit, is truly what the band strives for. The band has toured with many mainstream hip-hop artists such as OutKast, Jay-Z, Nappy Roots, Ice Cube, DJ Shadow, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Goodie Mob, and Monica, but yet they continue to keep their music positive.

As the band released their seveth album 7 on March 7th, fans who purchased the album received a huge surprise--a greatest hits album. This new album is not necessarily all that new but does contain three new songs. The album also feature a remix of the popular song "Ooh Ahh," which only intensifies the greatness of the song as they bring in special guest Toby Mac to help out on the song. Also at the end of the album the band threw together a MEGA MIX of all the songs on the album, leaving the fan wanting more

Overall, this CD will get 4 tocks out of 5, because it continues to keep the GRITS legacy alive and leaves the fans on the edge while waiting for the next GRITS release. I personally cannot wait.

Timothy Gerst  8/13/2006



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