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All the Earth
Artist: Parachute Band
Label: Hosanna! Music
Length: 13 tracks/ 57:08 
_All the Earth_ is the Parachute Band's seventh album. Recorded live at this year's Parachute Music Festival in New Zealand and featuring thirteen songs from local writers in the South Pacific region.The band was founded in 1996 as the house band for this annual festival. This project reflects the local worship songs and is largely congregation singing with occasional lead vocals. 

The stars here are the songs and the audience. The fervent praise is very contagious and the songs so infectious that it is easy to join in. "Shout,"and "All My Life" get this event off with a bang. Some of the quieter, worshipful tracks like "Complete" take the experience even deeper. 

Libby and Wayne Huirua, Rhys Machell and Julian Sylvester tour internationally four months a year. They have won three New Zealand Music Awards for Gospel Album of the Year. All their released have reached "gold" selling status. The band believes that when they play they are not doing a concert, but are offering an invitation for others to join in, sing along and be drawn into that individual place of intimacy with God.

Bob Felberg



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