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Heed the Warning
Artist: Seventh Angel
Label: Bombworks Records 
Time: 12 tracks

Classic metal flavor is a good thing sometimes. Heed the Warning is old school heavy/thrash/death metal. The vocals are not a growl or a scream thing that people cannot understand, it is metal. Heed the Warning was an old demo recording of Seventh Angel's from the early '90s. This new release by Bombworks Records has that old demo plus three different live performances. As far as the live recordings are concerned from the early '90s, it is a relatively crisp sounding atmosphere for that kind of recording format. To an uninformed listener this would be confused as a whole live CD or a whole demo sessions CD, yet it's three demos, and three live songs for each of the three different concerts. Classic metal, classic demos, classic live songs,a truly classic ensemble. A must have for Christian Metal enthusiasts.

Len Nash (12-30-05)



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