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A Future to Behold: 2007: The First Month of the Year in which the Old will Become New
By psychologist, Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT

Phantom Tollbooth visitors:
To warm you up for the New Year, and all of the “new old stuff” the year has to offer, feel free to listen to, and download (for free) this new original one-song “soundtrack” to the following feature article:

A Future 2B Hold

Words and music by Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT © 2006

Are you a little more than just a little blue about seeing another Christmas slip away, and having to go back to work after a happy and festive holiday season spent with family and friends?  Well, the New Year has something new to help ease your post-holiday blues.

But the best “new” music waiting just around the bend to replace your post-holiday sneer with cheer, may not be so new after all.  The writing was on the wall with the biggest-selling concert tour coming from the Rolling Stones, and a pair of CDs by Barry Manilow and Rod Stewart, each tributes to old classic rock songs from the 60s and 70s, both debuting at #1.  Many of the most anticipated forthcoming CDs of ‘07 are old music from old artists, old music from new artists, and new music from old artists.  

This is the month, and the year, that Elvis will come back to life (Excuse me, to those few of you who still believe he never died).  The Essential Elvis Presley, scheduled for release on 1/2/07, will be marketed to the new generation of teens who weren’t there to pull out their hair the first time around.  

And of course, we all know that Johnny Cash never died, he just went to heaven, and left us with volumes of heavenly music.  On January 9, Cash fans will be treated to Johnny Cash: Live from Austin, Texas.  

Speaking of the dead, Dead fans will be grateful to know that The Grateful Dead plans to release Live at the Cow Palace: New Years Eve, 1976 in early January of 2007.

And the dead will continue to come back to life as Iron Maiden throws a little road kill on the grill with their highly anticipated release of Death on the Road.  If that weren’t enough death to ring in the new year, Megadeth plans to release United Abominations, early in the new year.

Yes, 2007 promises to be the year of death warmed over, and life renewed.  January will prove that there’s more to Rickie Lee Jones than her 70s classic, Chucky’s In Love.  She will preach to the choir of 70s re-visitors with The Sermon on Exposition Boulevard, due for an early January release.

Now, what would a '70s artist revival be like without James Taylor?  For those of you who may have indulged in James Taylor’s new Christmas CD, you will be happy to know that you can continue Walking in a Winter Wonderland through January, and, indeed, throughout the new year.   James Taylor will be releasing Walking Man on January 2nd.  

This is the month, and the year, that Abba In Performance DVD will be released.  It is bound to stir up the Abba mania that began in the '70s, and never died or diminished in any way.

They say two is a couple, and three is a crowd, but there’s always room for Crowded House, and they will be back with a new CD on January 16.  And on that same day, expect to be greeted from Aerosmith with Classics Live.  But the mid-January icing on the cake, will come from The Smithereens.  They will release Meet the Smithereens: A Tribute to the Beatles.  Now that should be interesting!

For those who long for the days...

When the Bee Gees Were Three
Dr. BLT © 2006

there shall be a 2-CD set: 1st (Expanded and Re-mastered).

This must be the month and the year, that the aging baby-boomer generation invaded music.  It’s only January, and I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the old artists doing new and old songs.  The list goes on and on: America, Donovan, Pete Townshend, Faces, Jose Feliciano, Mark Knoepler, Diana Ross, B52s, Herman’s Hermits, Alice Cooper, Kool and the Gang, The Kinks, Kenny Rogers, The Clash, Jim Reeves, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, Guns n Roses (if they ever get around to it), Frank Sinatra, The Pixies, Ricky Nelson...  It sounds like this article belongs in a feature of yore, but everything I’ve mentioned comes from the here and now.  If you were expecting something brand new, well there will be a little of that too in 2007.  

There will be new acts, exciting new acts to come around in 2007, and there will be releases from fairly new acts like Fall Out Boy and Green Day.  But, based on the looks of January alone, it looks like, for the most part, 2007 will be a great big walk down memory lane, and, in my opinion, it will make 2007 one of “modern” music’s best years ever!



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