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The Crossing - March 2007 Edition

Holy smokes! There is a lot of new music coming out these days. If you are somehow under the impression that there is nothing to listen to, then you’re impression is inaccurate. Get that checked on. There’s quite a few artists to make mention of. Here are a few...


The Arcade Fire - Here’s what you are going to need for the blender. You’re gonna need a pinch of U2, a dash of David Bowie and a thimble full
of Talking Heads. Add an assortment of instruments including violins, cellos, xylophones, recorders, synthesizers, piano and accordion to
your guitar, drums, bass broth and you will have something resembling this six member ensemble who hail from Montreal, Canada. Their 2nd album, entitled “Neon Bible”, is the highly anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed mid-fi triumphant first album “Funeral” back in 2004 and it releases March the 6th. Prepare to have your brain explode!

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Also releasing March the 6th, is the latest album from Mary Chapin Carpenter who was born in New Jersey and was raised in the Washington D.C. area. She is a literate and gifted singer/songwriter whose music balances between folk and country with
occasional influence from 60’s and 70’s rock. Her 1994 album “Stones In The Road” won the Grammy for Best Country Album. This new album,
entitled “The Calling” will be her 9th album. Your head may not explode, but your chances of being moved in another way entirely are considerable. Although she almost always writes her own material, she has been known to perform some covers in the past, such as ‘Passionate
Kisses’ by Lucinda Williams and ‘The Bug’ by Dire Straits.

Lucy Kaplansky - Releasing March 13th is Lucy K’s 6th album entitled “Over The Hills”. Lucy is a New York City area former clinical psychologist turned singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar and often co-writes songs with her husband Richard Litvin. Although she often co-writes and covers a few songs per album, this new album is supposed to be her most personal to date, partially covering the death of her late father, noted mathematician Irving Kaplansky. In concert, she has even been known to cover math related songs originally composed by her father. They are hilarious I can attest. The new album has covers of Roxy Music’s ‘More Than This’ and a gutsy cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring Of Fire’. She also performs a duet with Buddy Miller on the Julie Miller penned ‘Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go’. When not singing on her own albums, she can often be found singing harmony vocals on albums by John Gorka. 

The Innocence Mission - For this garden to spring from the ground, you’ll need three things: the beautifully voiced Karen Peris, her husband Don
Peris on guitar and long-time member, bass player Mike Bitts. If a bird could sing, it might actually sound like Karen Peris. She is blessed with
a unique, fragile yet resonant voice that, along with the band’s lyrics, consistently invokes the band’s namesake. If Peace and Innocence had a volume, it may sound a lot like the earthy, thoroughly natural sounds of The Innocence Mission. The new album, entitled “We Walked In Song”, is the Lancaster, Pennsylvania band’s 9th album and it releases March 13th. If you ever feel you need to detox from the world, this is your band.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Roger Clyne is a very gifted and underrated singer/songwriter from Tempe, Arizona. He once fronted the mildly successful mid-90’s band The Refreshments and now fronts his own band with help from former Refreshments drummer P.H. Naffah. They recorded two excellent albums with The Refreshments and now have four albums under Roger Clyne’s name for a total of six albums. Two of these Roger Clyne albums had current Gin Blossoms guitarist Scotty Johnson play on them. Down to a four-piece band, Roger writes about Life in the Southwest with considerable references to Mexico and the surrounding desert lands. If you want to get yourself into the Southwestern headspace, this is a perfect band for you. Live you can expect a hard rockin’, sweaty good time, while your mind tries to envision the colorful characters and beautiful landscapes so crystalized in Roger Clyne’s songs. While there is a song on the new album called ‘World Ain’t Gone
Crazy’, the title of the album is called “No More Beautiful World”. We’ll have to see what is up Roger’s sleeve and his take on the world on March 20th, when the new album is released.
Jack Ingram - Jack Ingram is a Texas born country/folk/rock singer/songwriter whose star is on the rise through constant touring and word-of-mouth. He writes or co-writes almost all of his own songs, but has covered a few such as ‘Goodnight Moon’ by Will Kimbrough and ‘Dallas’ by Jimmie Dale Gilmore. This new album is entitled “This Is It” and it is the long-awaited follow-up to his 2002 album “Electric”. In between then and now, he has released an EP and about four live albums on various labels, including the excellent “Acoustic Motel”. Jack Ingram puts on a highly energetic live show and is usually backed by a great band that includes smokin’ guitar and hammond B-3 organ. Look for the new album on March 27th. Jack Ingram will be opening for Brad Paisley this Summer. His one-time guitarist Chris Masterson is now the lead guitarist for Son Volt. 

For further info on all six of these artists, check out the links to their official websites at the very bottom of this page.   

In addition to these artists, there are notable new albums this month from Son Volt, Relient K, Rosie Thomas, Roddy Hart, Jesse Malin, Modest Mouse and a new EP from Bright Eyes, among others.

So, without further ado, take a deep breath and let’s get March started...

       Recently released and not mentioned in last edition:

    * Billy Joel - “All My Life” (CD single.)
    * Van Morrison - “At The Movies” (Compilation.)
    * Yoko Ono - “Yes, I’m a Witch” (Guests include Flaming Lips and Polyphonic Spree.)
    * Derek Webb - “One Zero” (Acoustic album.)
    * Rodrigo y Gabriela - “S/T”
    * The Cat Empire - “Two Shoes”
    * Anberlin - “Cities”
    * The Ataris - “Welcome The Night”
    * Lost Ocean - “S/T”
    * The Colour - “Between Earth & Sky”
    * Future Of Forestry - “Twilight”
    * Echoing Angels - “You Alone”
    * Besnard Lakes - “Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse”
    * Calla - “Strength in Numbers”
    * Audionom - “Retrospektiv”
    * Explosions In The Sky - “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”
    * Quietdrive - “When All That’s Left Is You” 
    * Bayside - “The Walking Wounded”
    * Cold War Kids - “Robbers & Cowards”
    * Dustin Kensrue - “Please Come Home” (Singer of Thrice.)
    * Cool Hand Luke - “The Balancing Act”
    * Richard Swift - “Dressed Up for the Let Down”
    * Keller Williams - “Dreams”
    * Justin Earle - “Yuma” (Son of Steve.)
    * Bobby Conn - “King for a Day”
    * Lifetime - “S/T”
    * Hellogoodbye - “Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!”
    * Luscious Jackson - “Greatest Hits”
    * Goo Goo Dolls - “Let Love In” (Reissue w/DVD.)
    * Bob Dylan - “Don’t Look Back” (DVD; Deluxe Edition.)
    * Black 47 - “The Story So Far” (DVD.)
    * Gandhi - DVD; 25th Anniversary Edition


    * The Arcade Fire - “Neon Bible”    
    * Son Volt - “The Search”
    * Mary Chapin Carpenter - “The Calling”
    * Over The Rhine - “Live from Nowhere, Vol. 2”
    * Bright Eyes - “Four Winds” (EP.)
    * Neal Morse - “Sola Scriptura”
    * Relient K - “Five Score and Seven Years Ago”
    * Wolf & Cub - “Vessels”
    * Sevendust - “Alpha”
    * The Fall - “Reformation Post T.L.C.” 
    * Ry Cooder - “My Name Is Buddy”
    * Assembly of Dust - “Recollection”
    * Air - “Pocket Symphony”
    * Greencards - “Viridian”
    * Gary Allan - “Greatest Hits”
    * Vusi Mahlasela - “Guiding Star”
    * Antibalas - “Security”
    * Gruff Rhys - “Candylion”
    * No More Kings - “S/T”
    * Maria Taylor - “Lynn Teeter Flower”
    * The Cinematics - “Strange Education”
    * The Last Town Chorus - “Wine Waltz”
    * Albert Hammond Jr. - “Yours To Keep”
    * Sunny Sweeney - “Heartbreaker’s Hall Of Fame”
    * Michael Penn - “Palms and Runes, Tarot and Tea: a Collection”
    * Johnny Cash - “Ultimate Gospel”
    * Elvis Presley - “Ultimate Gospel”
    * Megadeth - “That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires” (DVD/CD.)
    * Borat - DVD
    * Fast Food Nation - DVD
    * Requiem - DVD
    * Confetti - DVD
    * Peter Pan - DVD (Disney.)


    * Lucy Kaplansky - “Over The Hills”
    * The Innocence Mission - “We Walked In Song”
    * Rosie Thomas - “These Friends of Mine”
    * Amy Winehouse - “Back to Black”
    * Roddy Hart - “Bookends”
    * Last Train Home - “Last Good Kiss”
    * Graham Parker - “Don’t Tell Colombus”
    * Marc Ford - “Weary & Wired”
    * Jorma Kaukonen - “Stars In My Crown”
    * James Morrison - “Undiscovered”
    * Ken Andrews - “Secrets of the Lost Satellite”
    * Aqualung - “Memory Man”
    * Fratellis - “Costello Music”
    * The View - “Hats Off to the Buskers”
    * Good Charlotte - “Good Morning Revival”
    * Finger Eleven - “Them vs. You vs. Me”
    * Melissa Etheridge - “Greatest Hits: the Road Less Traveled”
    * Neil Young - “Live at Massey Hall” (1971concert.)
    * The Corrs - “Dreams: a Collection”
    * The Queen - DVD
    * Casino Royale - DVD
    * The Holiday - DVD
    * Shortbus - DVD

    * Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - “No More Beautiful World”  (w/DVD.)
    * Jesse Malin - “Glitter In The Gutter” (New date. Guests include Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams and Jakob Dylan.)
    * Modest Mouse - “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank”
    * Joss Stone - “Introducing Joss Stone”
    * The Stooges - “The Weirdness” (Iggy Pop & company’s first album in 33 years.)
    * Willie Nelson, Ray Price & Merle Haggard - “Last of the Breed” (2 CD set.)
    * Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - “Living With the Living”
    * Andrew Bird - “Armchair Apochrypha”
    * Bryan Ferry - “Dylanesque”
    * Erasure - “Light at the End of the World”
    * Low - “Drums and Guns”
    * Tracey Thorn - “Out of the Woods”
    * Elliott Yamin - “S/T”
    * Willy Mason - “If the Ocean gets Rough”
    * All Star United - “Love and Radiation”
    * The Willowz - “Chautauqua”
    * The Zincs - “Black Pompadour”
    * The Ponys - “Turn the Lights Out”
    * The Roches - “Moonswept”
    * The Aliens - “Astronomy For Dogs” (Import.)
    * Stephen Marley - “Mind Control”
    * Nick Cave - “Abattoir Blues Tour”
    * The Nativity Story - DVD
    * Letters From Iwo Jima - DVD
    * Blood Diamond - DVD
    * Night At The Museum - DVD
    * Eragon - DVD
    * Rocky Balboa - DVD
    * Come Early Morning - DVD
    * Everyone’s Hero - DVD
    * My Country, My Country - DVD


    * Jack Ingram - “This Is It”
    * Coldplay - “The Singles: 1999-2006”
    * Laura Veirs - “Saltbreakers”
    * Kate Havnevik - “Melankton”
    * Kaiser Chiefs - “Yours Truly, Angry Mob” (New date.)
    * Macy Gray - “Big”
    * Grant-Lee Phillips - “Strangelet”
    * Klaxons - “Myths of the Near Future”
    * Clutch - “From Beale Street to Oblivion”
    * Magnum - “Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow”
    * Third Day - “Chronology I” (w/DVD.)
    * Stevie Nicks - “Crystal Vision: the Very Best of” (w/DVD.)
    * Warren Zevon - a few remastered reissues
    * The Pursuit of Happyness - DVD
    * Children of Men - DVD
    * Harsh Times - DVD
    * Curse of the Golden Flower - DVD
    * Happy Feet - DVD
    * Deep Sea 3-D - DVD


    * The Waterboys - “Book Of Lightning” (Import w/DVD; Mike Scott returns with his 12th album.)
    * Fountains Of Wayne - “Traffic and Weather”
    * Kings of Leon - “Because of The Times”
    * Idlewild - “Make Another World”
    * Brandi Carlile - “The Story”
    * Jarvis Cocker - “Jarvis”
    * Jonatha Brooke - “Careful What You Wish For”
    * Martin Sexton - “Seeds”
    * David Gray - “Shine: the Best of the Early Years”
    * Alison Krauss - “A Hundred Miles or More: a Collection:
    * Martina McBride - “Waking Up Laughing”
    * Tim McGraw - “Let It Go”
    * REO Speedwagon - “Find Your Own Way Home” (Title change; new date.)
    * Robert Plant - a few remastered reissues
    * Saxon - “The Inner Sanctum”
    * U2 - Popmart: Live from Mexico City” (DVD.)
    * Charlotte’s Web - DVD
    * Volver - DVD
    * The Good Shepherd - DVD
    * Death of a President - DVD


     * Bright Eyes - “Cassadaga”
     * Rosebuds - “Night of the Furies”
     * Blonde Redhead - “23”
     * Grinderman - “S/T” (Nick Cave band.)
     * Love of Diagrams - “Mosaic”
     * Metallica - “Master of Puppets: Essential Albums Series” (DVD.)
     * Bobby - DVD
     * Arthur & The Invisibles - DVD
     * Jonestown: the Life and Death of Peoples Temple - DVD  

     * Patti Smith - “12”
     * June Tabor - “Apples”
     * Nine Inch Nails - “Year Zero”
     * Robert Pollard - “Silverfish Trivia EP”
     * Avril Lavigne - “The Best Damn Thing”
     * Joseph Arthur - “Let’s Just Be”
     * Joe Strummer - “Future Is Unwritten”
     * The Last King of Scotland - DVD (new date.)
     * Notes On A Scandal - DVD


     * Marillion - “Somewhere Else”
     * The Oysterband - “Meet You There”
     * Porcupine Tree - “Fear of a Blank Planet” (Guests Robert Fripp and Alex Lifeson.)
     * Cowboy Junkies - “At The End Of Paths Taken”
     * Golden Smog - “Blood on the Slacks”
     * Maria McKee - “Late December”
     * Arctic Monkeys - “Favorite Worst Nightmare”
     * The Twilight Sad - “Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters”
     * Mando Diao - “Ode To Ochrasy”
     * The Veils - “Nox Vomica”
     * Two Cow Garage - “III”
     * Night Ranger - “Hole In The Sun” (Import.)
     * Stryper - “Live in Puerto Rico” (DVD.)
     * Little Children - DVD
     * Deja Vu - DVD
     * 10 Items or Less - DVD
     * Code Name: the Cleaner - DVD 


     * Tori Amos - “American Doll Posse”
     * Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - “Baby 81”
     * Dinosaur Jr. - “Beyond”
     * Doyle Bramhall II - “Foodland”
     * Feist - “The Reminder”
     * Linkin Park - “TBA”
     * Dreamgirls - DVD


     * Rush - “Snakes & Arrows”
     * Elliott Smith - “New Moon” (2 CD rarities compilation.)
     * Travis - “Boy With No Name” (Import.)
     * Dolores O’Riordan - “Are You Listening?” (Voice of The Cranberries.)
     * Bjork - “Volta”
     * Keren Ann - “S/T”
     * The Sea and Cake - “Everybody”
     * The Mystery Jets - “Zoo Time”
     * The Brakes - “The Beatific Visions”
     * Megadeth - “United Abominations”     
     * Miss Potter - DVD
     * Breaking and Entering - DVD


     * Buffalo Tom - “TBA”
     * Wilco - “Sky Blue Sky”
     * Satellite Party - “Ultra Payloaded” (New Perry Farrell band.)
     * Blacktop Mourning - “TBA”
     * The Horrors - “Strange House” (import.)
     * Pan’s Labyrinth - DVD
     * The Fountain - DVD
     * The Painted Veil - DVD


     * Wheat - “Everyday I Said a Prayer...” 
     * The National - “Boxer”
     * Voxtrot - “S/T”
     * The Good German - DVD


     * Ryan Adams - “Easy Tiger”
     * Chris Cornell - “Carry On” (Former singer of Audioslave/Soundgarden; includes the Casino Royale main title song ‘You Know My Name’  
        and a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’; produced by Steve Lillywhite of U2/Big Country fame.)
     * Dream Theater - “Systematic Chaos”
     * Cinematic Orchestra - “Ma Fleur”

      * Smashing Pumpkins - “Zeitgeist”
        LYRICS of the MONTH: 

On record, this is a hard rockin’ tune, but if you read closely enough on the chorus and the breakdown, it could also be the ultimate love song. 

        I poked a pistol in the eye
         Lit up a powder keg
         And rode it to the sky
         Yeah, the Reaper even calls me for his alibi
         I sang Cerberus to sleep
         with a rock ‘n’ roll lullaby

         I made a congregation weep
         Never packed a parachute to Lover’s Leap
         Yeah I been dancin’ with the Devil, baby 
         Cheek to cheek
         Thought I was strong until you came
         And made me weak

         Now I don’t need another thrill
         Just hold my hand and I can stand to stand still
         Hear me screamin’
         Baby, I want you
         Baby, I need you
         And honey, I don’t need another thrill

         So to a queen I’ve never bowed 
         Never been a pawn or a fool
         I was way too proud
         Give me a lightning rod and
         I can stab a thundercloud
         But now for you I can’t stop cryin’ out loud

         Now I don’t need another thrill
         Just hold my hand and I can stand to stand still
         Hear me screamin’
         Baby, I want you
         Baby, I need you
         And honey, I don’t need another thrill

         All of my words have failed me
         My tongue and my heart
         Have conspired to jail me
         Never thought I’d need someone to save me
         Now I’ll be free as soon as you enslave me

         Now I don’t need another thrill
         Just hold my hand and I can stand to stand still
         Hear me screamin’
         Baby, I want you
         Baby, I need you
         And honey, I don’t need another thrill.
         Roger Clyne, the song “I Don’t Need Another Thrill” from the album Americano.

See you in April!

Chris Barlow



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