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No More Christian Rock Bands
By Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock

CS Lewis was once quoted as saying something to the effect: "The world doesn't need anymore Christian books, they need more great books written by Christians"  Recently I found out that one of my favorite groups, Infradig, is disbanding. Lately I find myself listening often to music by Tickle Penny Corner, another band that is no longer active. To say that Beth Spransy had a voice touched by heaven is a complete understatement. I miss them as I am sure a year from now I will be moaning about no more new music from Infradig. Two totally different bands with vastly different sounds, yet both were committed to excellence in their craft. To paraphrase Mr. Lewis, "The world doesn't need any more Christian rock bands, we are in need of Christians creating great rock, etc., music. 

The amount of music that is being produced by artists who hold to a Christian worldview is nothing short of astounding in its scope and quality. Now, I'm not talking about artists connected to what is commonly called the CCM industry and are pushing a specific agenda. I am referring to musicians who create music for the love of music and 
for the sheer joy of creation. Artists who are out on the road because they are exhilarated by sharing their creation with those who will listen. In the last year two major CCM bands have can celled dates in the Long Island area because they were not going to receive their full honorarium. The concerts were benefit gigs put on by local Korean & Indian churches to support clean water projects. In both cases the bands canceled two days before the scheduled shows because they weren't going to get their 60 to 80 thousand dollar fee for coming in. The world doesn't need any more Christian rock bands!

Last October I took the ride over to New Jersey to see the Roe vs Pritzl Round 2 tour. They played in a small church auditorium for about 50 people and put on one of the best shows that I have seen in many a year. Over the many years that I have seen either of these artists in any configuration, I have never been disappointed and I know for a fact that this tour was not the best financial thing either of them has ever embarked upon. Gee, maybe if they charged tens of thousands of dollars they might be better off. They don't, yet their passion for their craft remains as strong as ever.

As I sit writing this piece the Cornerstone Festival draws nearer. I look at the schedule for the artists appearing on the Gallery Stage and my heart skips with joy at the knowledge of the great music I will be enjoying in a few weeks. Folks like Tess Wiley, Erick Brandt, Roe vs Pritzl, Ric Hordinski, Over The Rhine, Leigh Nash, Lost Dogs 
and of course Jeff Elbel & Ping. Is there actually a reason to visit any other stage?

I have been listening to music for over fifty years now, rock, jazz, country, classical almost any genre you can think of. I find that the older I get the more passionate for good music I become. My first concert experience was the Dave Clark 5 back in 1964, that's 44 years ago and I have no desire to stop any time soon. When I think of some 
of the artists I have seen in just the last 2 years, acts like Proto-Kaw, Sarah Lentz, Chris Hillman, Bruce Cockburn, Charlie Daniels, 77's. I am content that the future of great music is in good and capable hands. There is just so much stuff out there that my head swims just contemplating it all. Again I would say, the world doesn't need anymore Christian rock bands, we are though in need of believers in Christ creating great art.




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