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Rake Thoughts

Will Robert Randolph ever record a studio album with the same energy level and creativity as his live recordings? Here's hoping, and in the meanwhile, yay to him for the continued love from VH1.
Couldn't ApologetiX benefit from not only outside producers but a fashion co-ordinator, too? 
That said, their latest studio longplayer Wordplay could be their best passel of biblical parodies of general market hits yet. 
Isn't Brad Paisley's "Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday"- with able assistance from Little Jimmy Dickens, Bill Anderson and George Jones-at least as effective a counter attack in the War On Christmas as any boycott or letter/petition of protest you could sign? Those yet unsure can hear the hear the un-p.c. hilarity on Paisley's Christmas CD.   
If Soul Train is going to dust off the occasional episode from decades gone by for its intermittent best-of show, how about  those installments from the 1970s with The Rance Allen Band and The Mighty Clouds of Joy? The recent unearthing of a show with Barry White, Love Unlimited and The Temprees from the '73-'74 season was a revelation of how far musical and sartorial fashions have come in 30+ years.
If your pastor is inspired to reference a movie in a sermon, that's one thing; isn't it another moneychangers-in-the-temple thing altogether when a film studio wants to encourage him to base a homily on its newest flick aimed at his flock? Yes, I'm counting marketers of "Christian market" flicks in that fold. 
As CCM has become bigger business, where have the signing and promotion of physically disabled artists gone? Could Merrill Womack, Judy Romero or Tony Ayala score a major cCm label deal nowadays based on their talent and ministerial value alone? Yes, I know Ginny Owens is blind. Count her the chick-pop (not said derisively;she's good at it) exception to the rule.
Don't Moby and other likeminded recording artists, journalists, et al  who claim Christ betray a lack of scriptural exegetical skill when they say Jesus never said anything about homosexuality/same-sex marriage, abortion and other favorite issues of morality and social policy embraced by the political and theological left?
With The Fray and Mute Math playing the same college in my state soon (a show I could be reviewing for this august ezine), could it be a battle of the fauxhawked lead singers?
Do you think Nickleback heard Third Day's song about wanting to be a rock star before recording their own song about the same desire?
And considering the economies of scale in which each band operates, whose song is more ironic? 
Would singing Jesus-is-my-significant-other-styled praise&worship choruses (where in Scripture is it said that believers walk hand-in-hand they with Him like lovers fading into a sunset, much less singing it like a Bread b-side?!) be less nauseating for me had I my own girlfriend/wife?
I'm thinking not.
Would it have been blasphemous, or simply cool beyond words (if they were done right), were there to have been contemporaneous Jesus hippie analogous TV shows to those had by The Monkees, The Partridge Family and/or The Archies?
If only by virtue of their name, The All-Saved Freak Band would have been an apt pick for any such venture. No, The Reppies don't count. How about The Cartoon Adventures Of The Knights Of The New Crusade instead? Couldn't edit the Lord out of those 'toons as they've been from the network broadcasts of Veggie Tales, could they?     
Christian High School Musical  (under another title so as to avoid Disney-instigated litigation) is a concept that should have manifested in an attempt at a subcultural multi-media juggernaut by now, yes? Preferrably one better than Hero, naturally.
Isn't there somethng wrong when evangelists to a foreign continent take their pastor's book instead of the Bible as the text they give their evangelizees? Clue as to that pastor: I once suggested in no uncertain terms that he shave his youthpastor-wannabe gotee. 'Nuff said.
Jamie Lee Rake        


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