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Rake Thoughts

Now that YouTube and other video websites are online repositories of such a vast array of visual music history are online, isn't it too bad that more performances by '60s-'70s vintage Jesus hippie bands and singers weren't preserved in some moving picture capacity? 


If one brand of extreme Christocentric metal is called holy unblack metal by some, why isn't another called death-to-self metal? It makes sense to me.


Since Hollywood isn't likely to ever touch it, how about BILLY GRAHAM's movie people optioning the rights from D-BOY RODRIGUEZ's parents to adapt their late son's story for the silver screen? It could not only re ignite investigative interest in finding out who killed the late rapper, but it would give Graham's company another chance to make another biographical movie that could be at least as good as The Hiding Place. 
How strange is it to hear MATT KEARNEY's "Undeniable" on RICK DEES' countdown show and see its vid' on VH1 two-plus years after first hearing it in a strictly cCm context? 


If the cover art of their first album primarily for the general market is ugly as that for the refashioned general market version of their last Christian market longplayer, will SUPER[CHICK] register in the consciousness of the rest of the world as perhaps they should? Really, what were they thinking with that last cover? Blech! 


If not a full-on complete works box set, isn't it long overdue for some label, likely in England, to issue or 2- or 3-CD collection of the late STEVE FAIRNIE's work in various bands including FISH CO., FAMOUS NAMES, WRITZ and THE TECHNOS? As a multimedia bonus, wouldn't it be killer to include an updated video version of Fairnie's board game based on making it to the top of the pop chart, Hype? Oh, yes it would. 
Will the world ever again see a more delightful array of Christian t(w)een pop once JUMP 5's final headlining tour-with support by opening acts including JESSIE DANIELS, CALI, CARRIED AWAY and PURE N.R.G.-wraps up? Don't hold your breath on it.
Were cCm radio to reflect the ethnic diversity of believers in the U.S., not just by skin color but musical influences, wouldn't it 1) not only mirror the international spectrum of our faith and the breadth of salvation the Lord provides, but 2) perhaps sound more appealing to the ears of unbelievers who'd happen upon a Christian station and have their minds blown at the wide-ranging music they can hear?   The closest you may come to that is my friend GEORGE LUKE's World Beat show Saturdays at 3 PM Central time on England's United Christian Broadcasting ( And exceptional as his show is, it shouldn't be such an exception in its variety. Syndicate already, will ya, George!? 
If artistic excellence is one of the goals of Christian-made and marketed music, don't you wonder how widespread the use of AutoTune software (its name describes what it does to a singer's vocals) is in believers' musical wares? And should Christian labels be signing acts who need such enhancement? 
What does it represent when RELIENT  K is featured on B In Tune, a government-funded TV show encouraging young people's participation in the music business, without mention of the band's Christianity? Good, bad, or immaterial? I'm not going to do all the sorting out of the interaction of believers making music and the rest of the world they inhabit by myself, people. 
Doesn't it make sense that CARMAN would be signed to a soul gospel label and embraced by that genre's community now that his days as a cCm hitmaker are over? And, not that I've ever been gaga over the guy's church-gone-Atlantic City-artistry, but how did the latter situation come about? 
Did CHRIS DAUGHTERY's Christianity escape my cultural radar, or are cCm radio programmers wanting to latch onto the star of an American Idol contestant with a bit more general market name recognition than MANDISA when they started playing his band's "Home"?    And to continue the AI speculation, if PLUMB can get a song about teen domestic strife such as "Cut" on Christian radio, why not publically Jesus-loving KELLY CLARKSON's "Because Of You"? 
Now that TONEX says he's jumping from gospel to R&B, will he have any more occasion to claim from stage that people must speak in tongues in order to be truly born again spiritually? If you don't believe me that he's done so already, listen carefully all the way through his Out The Box. Either way, here's hoping he's changed his mind about that doctrinal peculiarity, and wishing him the best outside the church-marketed box. 

Jamie Lee Rake


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