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Rake Thoughts
Do any of the cCm, soul gospel and Southern gospel acts appearing nigh nightly on purportedly Christian TV networks and shows where so many heresies and heterodoxies are preached have any qualms about associating themselves with such programming that purports to promote the cause of Christ? 

And if any of those acts believe the fallacious falderal that surrounds, how willing are you or I to give passes to folks making enjoyable music that in and of itself doesn't advocate the strange fire that seeks to boost its ratings by said artists' work?
Would AMY GRANT have kept her first husband by now had she used him in the video for "Baby Baby" in the same way ROBIN THICKE let his better(-looking) half be his co-star in the clip for "Lost Without U"? I'm not judging Grant nor suggesting that Thicke's a believer (but here's hoping), just wondering.


Now that his "yup, he was definitely a Christian back then" late '70s-early '80s albums are receiving Christian market distribution (again?), has anyone else noticed how the cover of BOB DYLAN 's Shot of Love looks like it might have been influenced by the front of '70s Pacific Northwest Jesus hippie band WILSON McKINLEY's Heaven's Gonna Be A Blast!? (And if you, dear reader, have a very good-or-better copy of that WMcK LP, or any of their others, you'd like to unload to me for $20 or so, look for my email address at the end of this dealie, OK?)
Why couldn't a Christian (market) band have beat out Canadian arty alt' rockers THE ARCADE FIRE to calling out former preacher JOE SIMPSON for, in essence, pimping his daughters, JESSICA and ASHLEE, as TAF do on their latest long player?

Now that all the love VH1 has shown ROBERT RANDOLPH over the past few years finally netted him and his musical kin a charting on that station's top 20 video countdown, will he record a studio album rife with the excitement that marks his/their live performances?

Much as I enjoy PURE N.R.G. as the new JUMP 5 (minus 2), isn't it a tad bit disconcerting that the blond in the trio in her bio page of their promotional magazine cites a particularly...oh, I don't know...bawdy Shania Twain song as one of her inspirations and that she apparently sung it in a balloon bikini in public? Maybe it was better that she did it then than when she's all the way through puberty?
Will POINT OF GRACE's label once again commission any dance remixes for songs from their new album now that 1) The gals are singing more rhythm-conscious songs than ever, and 2) They're actually looking more diva-esque than ever, too? It'd be a shame to not shed any of POG's reflected light in dark discotheques when the opportunity appears so ripe.

Considering their sales history, penchant for memorable hooks, strong singing and arrangements and so appealing non-flash-appeal way about themselves, isn't it about time CASTING CROWNS began a run of general market crossover hits, at least to adult contemporary, hot  A.C. or adult alt' playlists? Maybe they could start by recording something with MINDY SMITH.

Yes, I know general market crossover is something over which a cCm act has minimal control at best, and might present a greater challenge for the Crown'ers considering the depth and doctrinal acuity of some of their best and catchiest tunes. Still, they're one of the best current examples of a band making explicitly Christian cCm that doesn't stink up the airwaves and, thusly, are all the more worth rooting for to be at least on par with MERCY ME insofar as their exposure to the world at large.
Does the tenor of some of JOEL McHALE's commentary on E!'s The Soup have you thinking that he's a Christian? At the very least, it's sounding like he has little use for Hollyweird's skewed values, and if those values represent much of the world system at its basest, McHale sounds to be at least halfway home. Good, because I hope there's plenty of people in heaven at least as funny as he is.
I have no idea where the former vice president is with the Lord, but, with his PowerPoint presentation and fervor for the subject matter upon which he expounds therein, doesn't AL GORE in An Inconvenient Truth resemble MR. KNOW- IT-ALL in those TENNESSEE TUXEDO cartoons wherein he and CHUMLEY WALRUS would visit Mr. K-I-A and his magic blackboard capable of explaining so many of the world's mysteries?

Sorry about being tardy on observing that, but it was only recently that I got and watched the free copy of AIT provided by whatever political group from whom I ordered it online as an informational (I suppose) freebie.


Does TELEMUNDO's airing of Veggie Tales 'toons leave more or less of the Lord in than does NBC's? 
Wouldn't the producers of certain celebrity-narrated audio Bibles 1) Save money in licensing costs, 2) Give their listeners a more poetic experience, and 3)Proffer less unneeded controversy if they stuck to public domain or more historic translations of Scripture?
Hey, if the KING JAMES VERSION was good enough for JOHNNY CASH's read through the Good Book...


Who among BILLY RAY CYRUS' camp thought it was a fine idea for him to sport a haircut like KEITH URBAN's? Actually, it's not a bad look for Mr. Achy Breaky Hanna Montana's Dad. Now could someone talk to him about that soul patch?


I'm not the only who wishes  PARAMORE were a bit more up front about their faith, am I? 


Aren't the chances awfully high that the director of the video for LIFEHOUSE's "First Time" is really familiar with the clip for Garth Brooks' "The Red Strokes"? As in, so familiar that Lifehouse appears to be paying homage?


How many church children's ministries would organize trips to the show were Disney to organize a triple bill tour with MILEY CYRUS , ALY & A.J. and THE JONAS BROTHERS? Whether they should as a church-sponsored event would be the next matter to discuss. Yes, I know they're all Christian acts, but none of them sing all that much about the Almighty.  


JOSH TURNER is singing about his wife in his current single, "Firecracker," right? Were those lyrics dedicated to anyone else, the dude might have had some explaining to do. 


Speaking of marriage, did I hear rightly about VICTORIA WILLIAMS' and MARK OLSEN's matrimony being over? It sounded that way from a recent radio interview with Olsen I heard on the radio. And if that's the case, it's too bad such an utterly cute couple didn't make it. Ditto for Williams and PETER CASE before that.

How rotten is it that just as I discover that DJ FITZ had his gospel beatmix program axed from the schedule at BBC 1Xtra Radio, I listen online to what may be his final show and reignite my appreciation for soul gospel gone danceable and that Fitz is a master at blending it? Pretty rotten, but here's trusting that another station in Old Blimey will pick up where BBC fumbled and that Fitz's mixes will continue to be available on the 'web.

And would it be too much to hope that U.S. Christian pop radio would be less afraid of the dancefloor, too?


Were TODD AGNEW and SCOTT STAPP to record a duet, how much like a single voice tracked twice over would it sound? Agnew's would be the more likable voice, I'm guessing.
Jamie Lee Rake

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