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By psychologist Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT
Song: Why Me, Lord
Artist/singer/songwriter: Kris Kristofferson

If you to know how to start out the year right, and finish it right, start with an attitude of humility.  Most problems are self-generated, and most problems begin with an attitude of pride and arrogance.  If Jesus had a pet peeve, it was this: the sin of pride.  The New Testament tells the story of two men, praying before God: One was a hypocrite, who prayed proudly, self-righteously, and ostentatiously before men, making sure to thank God that he was above the sinners that surrounded him and caused him to be utterly indignant.  The other was a humble man, who cried, “Be merciful to me, a sinner.”  The one that Jesus rewarded was the humble sinner.  “The humble sinner,” makes a modern-day appearance in the person of Kris Kristofferson, through the lyrics, and the humility he projects in his voice in the classic, 

Why Me, Lord?:

Why me Lord what have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I've known
Tell me Lord what did I ever do
That was worth loving you or the kindness you've shown
Lord help me Jesus I've wasted it so help me Jesus I know what I am
Now that I know that I've needed you so help me Jesus my soul's in your hand

Like the sinner in the New Testament parable, Kris cries out in the chorus:

Lord, help me, Jesus
I’ve wasted it
So help me Jesus
I know what I am
And now that I know
That I’ve needed you
So help me, Jesus
My soul’s in your hands

Kristofferson’s voice in the song projects the same sort of world-weariness, weathered warmth and tenderness-under-the-tough-exterior quality that is reflected in the voice and in the person of Johnny Cash, a man Kris once wrote big hits for, and a person Kris greatly admires.  It takes a great man of humble spirit to know another great man of humble spirit.  

The second verse reveals the songwriter’s sense of unworthiness, and his sense of indebtedness towards the savior who has shown mercy towards him.  It is conspicuously antithetical to the sense of entitlement that so many of today’s artists seem to project.  It is profound in its simplicity, its transparency, and in its sense of servitude and surrender, towards the almighty God, and author of divine mercy:  

Try me Lord if you think there's a way I can try to repay all I've taken from you
Maybe Lord I can show someone else what I've been through myself
On my way back to you
Lord help me Jesus...
Lord help me Jesus...
Jesus my soul's in your hand

If you look up “rock ‘n’ roll model” in Dr. BLT’s dictionary of make up terms and phrases, you will find the picture of Kris Kristofferson.  This song, and its author are timeless, as is the underlying message contained in the song.  Take this message with you in the New Year, and bury it deep within your heart.  Let the spirit of humility that pervades this song be the same spirit that sustains you through 2007 and beyond.  God bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR, from me, Dr. BLT! 


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