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Artist: Gary Murray
Album: Revenant Waltz
Label: Velvet Blue Music
Tracks / Time: 5 / 18:39 

Fans who are mourning the demise of Velvet Blue Music's dream-pop band LN have a reason to rejoice again. The band's front man, Gary Murray, has released a five-song EP entitled The Revenant Waltz, an acoustic continuation of LN's moody rumination which revels in the glory of sadness.

Thematically, the disc is a novella of cowboy melancholy: lost love, trains, regret, and whiskey are all major characters. Musically, the instrumentation leaves plenty of room for Murray's smooth, plaintive voice to draw the listener in and spin a beautifully lonesome yarn or two. This fits Murray's strength as a lyricist as his phrasing evokes vivid images ("you leave your trail of dead men like cigarette burns on your arm," and, "there's an old metal toy in the yard just as rusted as me").

The Revenant Waltz , which features four original songs plus a Bob Dylan cover ("Billy"), will fit nicely next to the Cowboy Junkies' _Trinity Sessions_ and a mix of Ryan Adams' more wistful ballads. Turn the lights out, put the headphones on, and enjoy the sadness.

Dave Kerschbaum


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