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All the Lovely Losers
Artist: Jason Gray
Label: Centricity Records

Some of you may know him as Jason Gay, and with his name change to Jason Gray comes a new album for his fans and other listeners, All The Lovely Losers. He is a Minnesota based indie musician. The album is reworked a re-release of an album he had completed on his own. It is the style of adult singer/song writer style that has become popular the last few years. It has a few song additions and subtractions that make it fresh. 

The album is filled with contemporary acoustic pop. You will find many catchy melodic sounds from his voice that draws you into the music. His voice is familiar and comforting to listen to. He will definitely be gobbled up on CCM radio stations; almost every song seems tailor made to be a hit. You wonder listening to this album, if it was this good previously why were more people not aware of it? 

It is consistently constructed; every song has a nice balance to it. It is filled with twelve songs that can sound alike, but with some striking differences here and there. Such as the song, “Grace,” which has an interesting hook to it. I wish more songs like this were produced on the album, combining a funky electric guitar along with organ and whistling. The chorus is the type that you will probably find yourself singing during the day. Then some sweet riffs on the guitar, hitting all the right notes to keep you interested. It is the strongest song you will find for all the components that are masterfully combined. 

The first song, “Blessed Me,” is the title song with lyrics matching the title of the album. It also resonates the theme of grace that runs throughout the lyrics found on the album. Reflecting on our condition and grace that is given to us through Jesus. Thankfulness for that grace dominates in how he sings the songs as well; his voice comes across as joyful. This song in particular sounds like Jason Morant on occasions. 

The second song sounds like one of the most radio friendly tunes with piano, acoustic guitar and peppy drumming. Gray belts out the chorus and song title, “Sing Through Me.” A song that pleads for God to use and work through weakness, lyrics that will probably be a home run with listeners. 

Overall, it is a solid album for adult contemporary listeners. 

Rob Blake



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