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Single Serving: 
A psychoSONGanalysis by psychologist, Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT 

Song: Above and beyond (the call of Love) 
Artist: Buck Owens 

Buck Owens was a big Beatles fan.  He recored Act Naturally, as a duet, with none other than Ringo Starr, and the Beatles, Buck fans, all of them, covered that song of his.  The Beatles were influenced by Buck, and he, by them.  Buck approached music as play, the same way Ringo did.  If Buck were a Beatle, he'd probably be Ringo with a twang.   

The fact that Buck was such a big Beatles fan, and the fact that he was under their spell, and under their influence, may explain, in part, why his songs go so well with some of their's.   I tried to convey that in this:

Beatles 'n' Buck Love Medley 
(Dr BLT cover of love songs by the Beatles and one by Buck) 

A well I'll give you love
That's above and beyond the call of love
And I'll never ever make you cry
A yes I'll give you love
That's above and beyond the call of love
And love's something that money can't buy… 

Buck's message is consistent with the message delivered in the Beatles classic, Money Can't Buy Me Love. Both the Beatles and Buck made lots of bucks, and these songs, about the meaning of love, helped them get more of that which could not buy them love.  The hunger for true love, is every bit as evident in Buck's song as it is in the Beatles song containing that similar sentiment.  

Well a poor boy's chances for a pretty girl's glances
Are sometimes very few
Though I've got no money, if you'll be my honey
Here's what I'll offer you… 

Buck was keenly aware that all that glitters, could be deemed gold in the eyes of a woman, but he grew up poor, and his rags to riches roots allowed him to be able to put his heart on his sleeve in this song in a way that made it glitter even more than gold. 

Love that's Above (And beyond the call of Love) is a song is all about going the extra mile, and what's best about this declaration of love, and passionate commitment, in this song, is the believability factor.  It's real.  It's straight from the heart.  And best of all, it's Buck, putting his best boot forward.  


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