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An Interview with Mark Mathis, Producer
By Terry Roland

In a recent interview with Mark Mathis, one of the producers of Expelled, the film starring Ben Stein, the question regarding the debate over evolution vs. intelligent design was raised. "Are we dealing here with science or religion?"  According to Mathis, real science is being ignored and the scientific community is promoting evolution as pure science. Yet always beginning with this premise excludes even the mere mention of any other theory, such as intelligent design.  Accordingly, Mathis maintains, there is a prejudice within the scientific community that resembles the old Scopes Trial expulsion of evolution in reverse.  

Mathis maintains that by committing to a theory as settled science, the scientific community is actually committed to an atheistic premise that is theological rather than scientific.  He vehemently maintains the current scientific community is 'incestuous' in their exclusion of any ideas but evolution for discussion.  When asked to further elaborate on this idea and the rather loaded term, 'incestuous,' he said that no new ideas are being allowed from outside the scientific family of evolutionary pre-judgment.  No other world view can be allowed.  Furthermore, Mathis cites the use of federal and state tax dollars to promote only one scientific theory.  

Therefore, the intention of this film, according to Mathis, is to help create a safe environment for debate regarding this issue.  He believes there are only two possibilities; intelligent design or a philosophically driven view of evolution, which leads to atheism.  He states the scientific community has created an "illusion of objectivity."   During the phone interview, he elaborated on two views, which address the origins of life. First, life came from an unguided process.  In other words, chance.  Mathis maintains this does not answer how life came into being.  It offers no scientific hypothesis.  The second view is there was some kind of intelligence behind the origins of life present in the order of the universe.  Taken a step further, there is ample evidence for a designer behind the empirical design of the universe.  Both of these views are philosophically driven with a scientific process attached to it.  

According to Mathis, the ultimate goal of this film is to both entertain and inform the public regarding these critical matters.  In using Ben Stein as the narrator/star of the film, the hope is to bring credibility from a name in our culture who has a solid reputation.   Mathis also hopes the film will reveal the need for an honest debate and perhaps open the door to broader acceptance of those with views of the origins of the universe other than evolution.  


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