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Merle Haggard Health Crisis

Nobody tells a story like Merle Haggard. Nobody's lived a story quite like he has. He's one of the most prolific poets and most poignant, if plain-spoken, artists of our time. And he may no longer live here, but he lives in our hearts. He's one of Bakersfield's brightest stars. In Bakersfield, we never abandon our own in time of need. 

In case you missed the sad news about Merle's recent hospitalization, and the recent operation to have a cancerous tumor removed from his lungs, check it out here:

I had received some information from a member of Merle's inner circle back in May, but didn't want to introduce the details, and risk the spread of unsubstantiated rumors, so I offered a measured statement:

Find the lyrics to Get Well, Merle Haggard, Get Well below. Watch for the release of the audio on this song at:
Bakersfield Sound Underground

and stay tuned at BSU and at my website for updates on Merle's health: 
Get Well, Merle Haggard, Get Well 
words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008

we heard 
your health ain't so great 
we heard 
you got a bad break 
we wish you the very best 
as you get through one more test 
we know that you ain't been well 
sometimes it's so hard to tell
just how a crisis will end 
but we wish you well
our dear friend 
Get well, Merle Haggard, get well 
get back, Merle Haggard, get back 
we'll pray for many more years 
filled up with songs and good cheer
you've had your share of hard breaks
you've done your share of hard time 
we pray that you'll be just fine 
that God will heal you in time 
you found your way 
into our hearts with your songs
and now, we pray 
you be okay before long
To hear Dr. BLT's new get well soon song for Merle Haggard, and to post your get well wishes, please visit:

Bakersfield Sound Underground
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