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nterview with actor Evan Parke
by Marie Asner

Just as actors have to be versatile, so must interviewers. My phone interview with Evan Parke was set for an afternoon, but at 11 p.m. the night before, I got a call from Parke that he would be filming the next day, so we could either re-schedule or do it now. Talk about opportune, I had just pulled my notes together a few minutes before, so the interview proceeded.

The movie currently in release for Parke is All Roads Lead Home,  a film concerning the care of animals. Evan Parke is an animal lover, and has a Rhodesian Ridgeback. In All Roads, a focal point is Parke portraying Basham as he begins to mentor Bella (Vivien Cardone), a young girl grieving over the death of her mother and another of its themes is animal shelters with No-Kill policies. Filming took place in the Kansas City in 2007. The family movie also stars Peter Coyote and is rated PG.

As with many actors, Evan Parke began college with something else in mind, and studied economics at Cornell University, but couldn't get interested in the business world. Instead, acting became his passion, which included almost a year in the Broadway musical "The Lion King" as an understudy to Scar and being able to perform the role, too. Other roles have included being on "All My Children,"  "As The World Turns," "Without a Trace," plus Charlie in "Alias." Parke recently finished Blue with Keith David.

I always ask actors what advice they would give young filmmakers (writers/actors/directors) coming up through the ranks and he replied, "Be sure and graduate from college first. You have to do more to develop yourself in acting, as there is so much competition. Be diverse, such as knowing about the business side of acting, too, besides your other talents. Acting is a marathon. Success does not happen overnight. Have realistic expectations. Learn where YOU fit in and then learn HOW to fit in. Actors, especially, could learn how to go from acting into executive producing."

Evan Parke plans to have his own production company within six months, to be called Manifest Media. He told me to "watch for it" and I certainly will. Evan Parke has a keen focus within the business of acting and producing.

                                  * * * * *

Read the review of "All Roads Lead Home" at .

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Marie Asner is secretary and past president of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle, and contributes to WQFL-FM,, Metro Voice News, and is a film panelist on the NPR-affiliate KCUR-FM.


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