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Ask the Rock Doc: Sound Advice for a Song 
By psychologist, Dr. Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr. BLT, aka The Rock Doc 
*Details of the following exchange have been altered to protect the confidentiality of the inquiring party and to more effectively deliver key psychological and spiritual principles to the reader.

Dear Rock Doc, 
I am a 29-year-old woman from New Jersey.  I was into the post-grunge scene back in the 90s, and the post-grunge scene was into me and my band, Bad Case of Badness.  You always disguise things to keep things on the down low, so youíll probably change the name of the band to protect my confidentiality.  The fact is, I kind of want people to know who I am because Iíve been pretty much forgotten for the past few years.  I was on a real ego trip, and with it, the drugs and all.  I know that youíre one of those Christian types of doctors, and I want to let you know up front that Iím not into that %$#@.  

That being said, those of us in the underground music scene have a deep respect for you since you were the first shrink to make any kind of appearance at all in the underground music world with your appearance in that Cake video and all.  But Iím not hear to kiss up to you. Iím in serious trouble and I need help.  

I wasnít going to bring up religion, but thereís been some of that &^# in my head lately, and itís been bugging me, so, here goes.

You said in one of your replies that we are created in Godís image, and quite frankly, I donít get it.  If you saw how ugly my mother was, especially after sheís been on a drinking binge, or grew up with the sexual abuse and utter hell that I grew up with, you would think twice about that made in Godís image trip.  There is just too much frickiní evil in the world, I just doubt very seriously if there is a God.  

PS: I love the songs you post here, especially the ones you wrote and recorded with Alyssa Kaess.  Would you mind posting one or two of those here.

Dark Donna 
Dear Dark Donna, 
Sometimes when I play both doctor and DJ, I forget things, so here are the songs youíve requested before I forget: 
Color of Your Dreams 
Alyssa Kaess: words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008 

The Ballad of Johnny and June 
Duet Dr BLT featuring Alyssa Kaess 
words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008 

Thank you your questions and concerns, and thank you for respecting me enough, based on the video appearance, to seek me out for advice.  There is much more I would need to know about you and your situation to be able to answer your concerns fully, but I will do my best based on what youíve told me.

Iím sorry to hear that you were the victim of sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse growing up.  When God created human beings, he obviously didnít intend for horrible things like that to happen.  Choice is a gift of God, but with it comes painful consequences of making the wrong choices, consequences for the person making the wrong choice, and painful consequences for family members, friends and anybody in close contact with the person making the wrong choices. 

Thatís where redemption comes in.  Thatís why Jesus came into the world, to restore us back to being beautiful, like we were before the fall.  The restoration is accomplished when we receive Godís free gift of salvation and when we receive atonement for our sins by the blood that Jesus Christ shed for us.  It may not take away stretch marks, wrinkles, or remove ugly warts, but when we put our trust in Jesus to restore us, he heals us from deep within.  Then, when Christ touches our hearts, it radiates throughout our entire being so that others can see the beauty of Christ within us.  

In Genesis 1:27, it says the following: "And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." 

When Adam and Eve sinned, they didnít cease to be created in Godís image, but that image became somewhat disfigured.  That is why there is sorrow in the world. That is why there is schizophrenia, that is why there is depression, even to the point where some conclude that this life is not worth living, and commit suicide.  

Iím not sure you are to that point, but if you are, you will require immediate professional help.  You will need to check yourself in to a hospital where somebody can protect you from your own impulse to end your life.  

Either way, your distress is significant enough to warrant long term psychotherapy by a professional therapist that you trust.  Every day is a struggle for emotional and spiritual survival when you are the victim of childhood abuse and neglect.  

By the way, I donít mean to push Christ onto you, and I wouldnít want anyone else to push their beliefs onto me, but I do believe that he has the power to restore us, and that is why Iíve included these reference to Christ in my reply to you.

Contact me again if you have more questions and/or concerns or if you need a referral.  Take care, and I mean that, literally.  

*If youíre a musician in distress, or a family member or friend of one, write to: 


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