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A Love Hate Masquerade
Artist: Kids in the Way 
Label: Flicker Records
Length: 11/36:00

Aggro meets emo on A Love Hate Masquerade, the latest from Kids in the Way.  The first three songs here ("You Dream," "Better Times," and "The Innocence") are much more melodic than KITW's previous outputs, somewhat in the Good Charlotte/All-American Rejects area.  Everything else is the same that we've grown to expect from this band: loud, aggressive in your face emocore that pounds you from beginning to end.  

"Sugar" is about a woman who is trouble from day one - perhaps an allegorical allusion to sin? "Fiction" is the standout musically, and "Letting Go" reminds us of the difficulty involved in loving someone enough to give them freedom.  "My Little Nightmare" features hand claps and ends with screaming.  

In all, I had a greater appreciation for _Apparitions of Melody_, but that doesn't mean this album doesn't stand on its own merits.  It's definitely a quick thirty-six minutes, though.

Brian A. Smith
20 July 2008

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