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Scripture of Today (EP)
Artist: Panos Kappos
Label: ©2006 independent
I was a bit leery of reviewing a title like Scripture of Today by Panos Kappos. Growing up in the church, most times when someone has taken on the scriptures in some form and put to music, it has been hokey. Rather than creating art for the world to lift up and copy, Christians invariably borrowed from the popular idioms of the world, albeit ten to twenty years behind the curve.
Panos Kappos has created a worthy disc of alt-pop rock with accessible radio friendly hooks and melodic structures. His vocals even have a tenor-ish uniqueness to them.
Strongs cuts are “Seize The Moment” and “These Days.” I just wish it were longer. Hopefully, there will be more to sink into in the future.
Christian radio should discover this. There needs to be more positive music for the church, not just from the worship vein.
December 2007


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