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Worm As I
Label: ©2007 independent
URL: www
It is blender time! If you were to take the framework of many of the popular hymns of the evangelical church over the past two centuries and mix an industrial bed of chaos beneath it, you would be close in breathing in 
I love the industrial-laden music that has come through the pipe from Circle Of Dust, Generation, and some of the elements of Klank. I even enjoy some of the techno-trance music that has passed through the underground.
“Worm As I” is a whole other animal to me. Some might consider taking the hymns and experimenting with them somewhat “sac religious,” going so far as putting a veritable bed of nails under it all, but this is creativity at its finest.
To the casual listener, this can sound redundant at times. You have to treat this deeper than background music to gain appreciation for the thought put into it. This won’t be for everyone, but this emanates independent and underground.
At points, while listening several times to this, I could hear resolution in a musical sense. Growing up with the hymns, I basically have all of these committed to memory. I hear elements of the lyrics, at times, even resolve. Thank the Lord that we have, as his creation, been given the ability to create music, no matter how diverse or weird it may sound to some. Experimentation can be a beautiful thing, if taken with a bed of nails.
January 10, 2008


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