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Grandfather Rock's Random Thoughts of 2008

Just some random thoughts on the past year. A month or so ago I picked up an album by a fairly well known artist. In the liner notes an industry biggie praised the release because it was an exceptional piece of work in a time when there was a dearth of good music to be found. Looking back over the last twelve months I can't help but disagree about the quality of music being released. I am looking at my daily calendar to remind myself who and what I've seen this year. I have to wonder who this writer has been listening to because as far as 2008 goes I am one happy camper. The year started out with a concert by Kelley McRae, Sarah Fullen and The Gregory Brothers at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. I have seen these artists a number of times this year and have yet to grow tired of them, I look forward to many more shows in the upcoming years. The early part of the year saw new releases by Glass Hammer, Phil Keaggy, The Power Triplets and an awesome album by Mike Farris. Springtime saw Eisley & The Myriad coming to town as well as My Brightest Diamond, Trace Bundy & Susan Enan.

Summer brought a change from the usual schedule, rather than attending Cornerstone, I opted for Soulfest in New Hampshire. The drive through the mountains of New England and the view from the mountaintop stage at the festival site itself were both amazing and awe inspiring. The schedule of artists included a number of New England based artists who usually don't stray far from home. Yet these folks are as good if not better than anyone on the national scene. Performers such as Maeve, Tom Conlon and Jim Trick are the best. July also saw the opening of "The Stoop" a new listening room in New York City specializing in artists who want to create great art rather than just further a specific agenda. 

Autumn brought a slew of local shows at a variety of New York City clubs including shows by Susan Enan, Colin McGrath and an awesome performance by Leigh Nash with Delirium. In September Sam Phillips came to town for a rare performance. I hadn't seen her perform live for sixteen years. Was it worth the wait, absolutely! Luke Brindley made a number of trips from DC to NYC and Woven Hand played the Knitting Factory. 

We are in the midst of winter now, as a matter of fact today is New Years Day. Recent gigs have included Christopher Williams, Dusty Brown, The Gregory Brothers and Sarah Lentz's annual Christmas concert featuring the very best local artists. Recent music releases have included DVD's by Phil Keaggy & Glass Hammer and a CD from Pat Terry.

All in all 2008 was a fine year for music and just whets my appetite for the year to come.
Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock 


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