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Rake Thoughts

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, how complimented do the members of RASCAL FLATTS feel when they hear 33 MILES?

How idiotic does it look when a church full of people sing a praise & worship chorus about dancing before the Lord and do so while standing dead still?

Now that Arena Rock Recording Company has given LARRY NORMAN and DANIEL AMOS higher profiles among general indieground rock cognoscenti with, respectively, a fine anthology and reissue of an exceptional '80s album and a reissue of one of their more consistent albums loaded with a second disc brimming with bonus goodies, what other godly rocking act/s will the label resurrect to respect in the general market?

I suggest BREAKFAST WITH AMY, JESUS MUSIC (the '90s band, not the movement of tuneage made by late '60s/early '70s holy hippies), THE WARNING, ADAM AGAIN, IDEOLA (yes, I know that was a MARK HEARD alias, but I've not heard any plans of his estate bringing back to the market the lone long-player he recorded under that name; have you?) and/or LAST CALL OF SHILOH.

Any of you reading this know of any American Idol contestants who've gone into Southern gospel after having been voted off the show? It seems that's the one of the few genres of commercial music that hasn't been infiltrated by AI alumni, yet one in which the show's general aesthetic would be a fitting breeding ground for such infiltration.

Doesn't the current political climate and state of U.S. Christianity simply beg for a new album by those impolitic sludge punk ambassadors of Gospel goodness, THE KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE? Methinks so!

Speaking of the precarious state of biblical faith in this country (tangentially, anyway)...

If I go to see latest movie executive-produced by T.D. JAKES and like it better than the previous waste of celluloid for which his ample funding was responsible, how much crow would I have to eat to admit that seriously doctrinally dubious preachers can be responsible for-gulp!-at least aesthetically acceptable cinema?

How soon, if ever, will more Christian market labels get in on the burgeoning trend toward issuing new releases on LP and reissuing great old albums? The number of arguably CCM albums never issued on vinyl from the late 1980s onward only complicates the question in an industry that has never made very much effort in catering to collectors and audiophiles (as well as that might be, considering the music's original mission).

Might EDDIE DeGARMO have any more rock operas in him now that it's been a few years since his Hero didn't quite do the business he was likely-and certainly others-expected of it? (The date of its tour closest to my home was called off, apparently due to poor advance ticket sales.) Hero star/former dc TALK'er MICHAEL TAIT's career didn't exactly receive a boost from his participation either, it appears.

Now that PAUL HARVEY has gone on to his great reward, might MIKE HUCKABEE have the idea that he can take that longtime radio commentator's place with his own, similarly pithy show? Having heard Huckabee's radio gigging some, I believe the folksy former Republican presidential contender might have a future there. But it's easy to already miss Harvey, too.

How trepidatious am I in wanting to start listening to The Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament audio Bible I was sent to review somewhere (maybe here)?  I like the idea of  hearing CORBIN BLUE, ALYSON STONER, EMILY OSMENT, JORDIN SPARKS and other Christ-claiming 'tween market talents reading Scripture, but yeah, I'm wondering about it.

How wise would it be for me to play THE WELCOME WAGON's CD in my church's sanctuary and/or fellowship hall/coffeehouse and risk someone in my congregation misunderstanding that song they do by The Smiths that isn't necessarily ungodly but is awfully self-pitying (which, admittedly, was part of that band's appeal to some)?

Were MILEY CYRUS to not have made perhaps at least a couple too many public gaffes since her ascendancy into celebrity, might "The Climb," her current single under her own name (as opposed to those credited to her Hannah Montana character), be getting as much attention on Christian radio as have recent songs by THE FRAY and the aforementioned Ms. Sparks? That said, I still think prefer La Miley in mid-to-uptempo mode than at the balladic pace of her latest though adding her vocals to her daddy BILLY RAY's last top 10 country hit, arguably made as big a hit as it was by the addition of his daughter's presence, was a pleasant way to hear her at at fewer beats per minute).  

Aren't there certain times when Euromerican man MIKE FARRIS is singing he sounds like an Afrimerican woman? Or at least maybe BONNIE BRAMLETT on some kind of vocally empowering steroids? I don't mean that as an insult to Farris, as I could still kick myself for missing his openning set for the RICKY SKAGGS/BRUCE HORNSBY tour date that played closest to me (and missing the whole showm for that matter).

Now that RESURRECTION BAND has its own box set, isn't it time for the community from which they arose, JESUS PEOPLE USA, to be anthologized in a multiple-disc collection chronicling JPUSA's musical history? I can't be the only one who wants to hear Rez, CRASHDOG, KETTLEBLACK, SCIENTIFIC, UNWED SAILOR, THE BLAMED, THE GLENN KAISER BLUES BAND, LEPER, THE CROSSING, THE REMNANTS, CAUZIN' EFFEKT, THE GRACE & GLORY CHOIR, MARION, THE HOLY GHOST PLAYERS, et al  in one massive collection, am I? Granted, I'd want a free copy to review somewhere, but surely enough people would want to buy it to justify pressing at least a few thousand, right?

Why is ANN NESBY now recording soul gospel under the alias of LULA LEE, but her next R&B project will be under her own name? I could perhaps find the answer on her website, but the question came to mind now. If you can answer that, or have feedback to any of the above queries, feel free to write me, yes?
-Jamie Lee Rake 


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