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Rake Thoughts

She's really quite good, but who else feels sorry for soul gospel up & comer Genita Pugh, if only because her name could so easily be an object of razzing?
Do any Christian high schools (or public ones, for that matter) near you include improvisational comedy troupes as part of their extracurricular activities? The Christian Reformed high school in my town has such a group. I recommend it as an addition to curriculum everywhere.
Did newcomer Christian dance pop singer Troma know her moniker is also the name of the studio responsible for the Toxic Avenger movies when she chose her porfessional handle? And here's hoping Toxie's home doesn't sue for brand confusion. Let's see... company that makes intentionally cheesy monster movies? Cute ex-model singing  more or less for/about the Lord to legit club beats? I'm not confused.
Have you listened to Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" closer than I did before I recommended that the song receive Christian radio play?  If she sings that it "ain't about what's waiting on the other side," where does that leave the ultimate other side, heaven? Hmmm.. .
Might any fans of David Bazan, the erstwhile Pedro the Lion and Headphones frontman, that are not taken with his renunciation of Christianity and affirmation of atheism (or at least agnosticism) move their appreciation to Mat Kearny? Listen to their voices one after another; 'sorta' similar, yes? Here's hoping Bazan returns to the Lord, too.
Anyone else reading this believe that Group 1 Crew might sound different-i.e., less homogenous-were they not on a Christian market label? They're an act I'd like to like more, but their seeming conforming to the apparent dictates of Christian radio make that difficult. For me, anyway.
Might Jeremiah's "Birthday Sex" be the most libidinous r&b-to-pop crossover single ever to be recorded by a singer with the same name as an Old Testament prophet and probable R. Kelly influence? Granted, there's likely little competition.
Christian tween pop  has been around in relative abundance for at least a decade now, but with bands such as Tiny Masters Of Today (whose music videos I've been enjoying lately) and Smoosh (whose forthcoming third album I'm itching to hear) active in the general market, where are any godly pubescent (indie) rock bands? If the suits at Christian labels can sign and nurture acts such JACI VELASQUEZ and the pre-Disneyfied JONAS BROTHERS years before they were old enough to vote, why not harder and less poppy acts? It's not like Christian market rock is really marketed to adults over their mid-20s anyway, so certainly there must be some elementary-to-high schoolers banging out quirky, heavy and otherwise non-CCM radio tuneage for and about the Almighty, yes?
Is it me, or does Chris Tomlin do better with his originals, when they're really good, than his spruce-ups of public domain hymnody, to which he often adds nothing new?
Do you, like I do, fear the CCM industry's response to Lady GaGa? If any gals reading this are thinking that they can or should (i.e., "feel led of the Lord") sanctify the aforementioned dance pop sensation's sonic and sartorial stylings for the Lord's glory, PLEASE THINK AGAIN, OK?
Even though I write for a magazine that had them on its cover recently, how did I miss how The Devil Wears Prada got popular enough to have their latest album debut in the top 15 of Billboard's pop album chart? Apart from naming themselves for what I've been told is a funny movie, that is. 
Am I the only one disappointed that Jadyn Maria-the Latina cutie who once toured with Newsong, sang background for GRITS (on a U2 remake) and dueted with Avalon tenor Jody Mcbrayer-is going all tawdry on her new general market single? Reading that it has a rap cameo by Flo Rida was the clincher that things were going south for a gal whose Sparrow Records debut I was looking forward to hearing a few years ago. Methinks she and Katy Perry have much to discuss.

Jamie Lee Rake


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