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My Coming Day
Artist: Julian Drive
Label: Inpop records
Length: 10 tracks  39:33
Youth group phenoms out of Athens, GA, Julian Drive, founded by singer Shane Bowers and keyboardist, Shaun Bennett, played the local church circuit for some time before they entered and won the 2004 Exalting Him National Talent Search, beating out 2000 others contestants. The band quickly moved on to the national scene and has been performing nearly 300 shows a year, sharing the stage with artists such as Rush of Fools, Disciple and David Crowder Band. 

According to Bowers, the songs from My Coming Day were birthed in the band's morning devotional sessions and you can hear that closeness to the Lord in the lyrics and sincere singing, especially on  "My Coming Day." With a chorus that musically gathers you into its arms, and lyrics so loaded with hope, assurance  and encouragement just one listen is transporting and uplifting. A highlight is the band's cover of Hoobastank's "The Reason," making it a different kind of love song.

Bowers has an All American vocal sound prominent in its sameness in relationship to the overall vocals making the songs seem to run together at times. But with repeated listenings, the individuality comes out.

You are going to love Julian Drive's rockier side. Lyrically, there is something to dig into with "Unplug" and "Not My Fight," with messages about worldly distractions and surrender and the band motors along in a wonderful Heartland-of -America rock manner. 

CCM veteran, Lynn Nichols,  is razor sharp and never fails to inject life and that "old school" feel into what he produces. 

And you have to like the attitude of these guys. "We're not interested in the rock star mentality," Bowers says, "We are more interested in how we connect with the audience. If you come to one of our shows, you'll likely find us hanging out with the kids. That's where are heart is."

Bob Felberg


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