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The Heat
Artist: Needtobreathe 
Label: Atlantic Records/Word Entertainment
Length: 11/39:34 

Hmm…duel distribution for a band whose primary audience is the 18-30 crowd?  Not a bad idea in theory, but given the track record of Atlantic Records of failing to promote talented artists (Will Hoge, King's X), it does raise the question of what fate may befall Needtobreathe if _The Heat_ doesn't garner the desired number of discs sold. Enough editorializing. The Heat is another solid effort from the Rinehart Brothers, and co-producers Rick Beato and Ed Roland (Collective Soul).  "Shine On" is an anthemic, roll down your car windows, crank up the volume tune.  "Don't Leave Just Yet" is perfect for a band spanning two markets, in that it is yet another "God or a girl" song about begging for forgiveness.  "Knew It All" has a hook that leads to a chorus sure to be chanted in concerts. "More Than" seems to be a search for a real relationship, rather than one night of fun.  "Lost" recalls old Genesis musically, while "Quit" is a straight ahead rocker about breaking up. Needtobreathe needs that one big album to break apart from the frat rock crowd.  I'm not sure that The Heat is it, but fans of Jump Little Children and OAR should find a lot to like here. 

Brian A. Smith 


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