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The Bakersfield Sound Garden Produces a Fresh Crop 

As recently as a couple of years back, most folks, especially residents of Bakersfield and Oildale, appeared content to pave over the Bakersfield Sound garden and put up a parking lot in its place. The Bakersfield Sound was something talked about as history, not as an "evolution," as it has been described by Nu Bako Sound All-stars artist, and solo recording artist, Jeffrey Michaels.

Then, in the spring of 2009, alas, a turning point: a radio show out of Marin County called Bakersfield and Beyond. http://www.bakersfieldandbeyond.wordpress.com/

Hosts Mike and Amanda began to revisit the Bakersfield Sound garden, and they tested the soil, ultimately finding it to be every bit as fertile as it once was, so they ensconced themselves in the rich soil and waited for the next rain to come. It came in the form of Bakersfield Sound-grounded artists like Meestro, The Councilmen, Rockwell, Alyssa Kaess, Jeffrey Michaels, Kim McAbee, Soulajar, Red Meat, Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women, and Penny Marie, supported, wholeheartedly embraced, and celebrated by veteran second-generation Bakersfield Sound stars like Homer Joy. 

Then, there's Mark Yeary. What can we say about Mark Yeary? First of all, having witnessed his talents in a direct context, I can say, without a doubt, that this man is the genius's genius. 

Mark Yeary is one of those rare figures that has managed to reach back to the past with one foot in the future, first a Stranger with Merle Haggard and the Stranger, then an ex-Stranger, and more recently, at least ostensibly, looking like either a Stranger once again, or at least an ex-ex Stranger. In between gigs with Merle Haggard and plans with Willie Nelson, he has found the time and the humility to produce The Homeless Christmas Medley, penned by yours truly, the centerpiece in a larger, multi-year, multi-artist CD that will be released in December of 2010 in its entirety as The Bakersfield Sound of Christmas

Then, last, but certainly not least, is what I believe will be another dimension of the Bakersfield Sound sequel, Rockwell's Opry. It debuted on Brighthouse Network last week and will air again on Brighthouse cable Channel 21 Saturday at 6 pm. To have been a part of that cable show, ab initio, and to have been regularly aired as a singer/songwriter, and to have been a regular call-in guest on Bakersfield and Beyond---wow! These have been amazingly humbling privileges, given all of my obvious rough edges. Rockwell just filmed a segment featuring me kinda dressed up like Oildale Santa while singing my song, Oildale Santa while perched on a brand new Harley. And Bakersfield and Beyond, God willing and (if I'm not mistaken), is planning to debut It Never Snows on the Streets of Bakersfield featuring the Nu Bako Sound All-stars...

(a song released as an mp3 for Bakersfield Homeless Shelter from the BAKERSFIELD SOUND OF CHRISTMAS CD is here: Dr BLT's Official Site) http://www.drblt.net/

Stream it, dream it! Believe it. Bakersfield Sound, The Sequel is coming to a town near you! 


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