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Go Go Gadget

“Clouds Within the Thunder” case for iPhone/iPod Touch
by Griffin Technology and Threadless 

Griffin Technology produces all manner of nifty accessories for gadgets that keep us entertained and informed on the go. Threadless is a tee shirt company featuring art created by a grassroots network of artists, with designs chosen by members of its online community.  Through their first joint venture, Griffin allows Threadless to do for your iPhone or iPod Touch what they already do for your body - help to kick its hip quotient up a notch. “Clouds Within the Thunder” is the first design produced for iPod Touch. It’s more decorative than protective, but the snap-on backshell does offer a secure grip and some protection against dings and scratches. The inside of the shell is inscribed with the name of Joe Van Wetering, the independent artist who produced the dynamic design. “This design came to fruition after I defeated Zeus in a bar fight,” he claims. “With my bare hands.” [MSRP $34.99; www.threadless.com/griffin

Jeff Elbel


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