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Rake Thoughts 

Why does current BRITT NICOLE radio single "Headphones" remind me of the logo for the South African band from whom JEREMY CAMP found his wife, THE BENJAMIN GATE? Easy answer to figure if you remeber the band's logo! 
Doesn't  PHILLIPS, CRAIG & DEAN's recent smasharoonie "Revelation Song" bear some strange resemblance in melody and vibe to Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man"? That line about Jesus being wrapped in "rainbows of living color" certainly sounds as psychedelic as anything by the Scotsman who turned folks on to the possibilities of smokling banana peels on "Mellow Yellow," eh? Besides, I imagine Him wearing a robe in heaven.
Am I the only one feeling diffidently toward the name of NICK JONAS' new band apart from his brothers, THE ADMINISTRATION? Is it original and nifty or dull and reeking of what some folks my age call corporate rock? Here's to hoping the former is borne out in their music being consistently good as the song they played on the Grammy nominees' announcement concert TV special, anyway.
Why am I nostalgic for a non-existent MISS ANGIE album produced by STEVE FAIRNIE, the late male half of U.K. synth-pop duo THE TECHNOS, when I think of how Christendom could answer the fascinating scourge posed by Lady GaGa?
Why are Euromerican roots music enthusiasts who aren't likely to be Christian overwhelmingly apt to pay attention to long lost Afrimerican soul gospel than the Southern gospel made overwhelmingly by their fellow white folks? It certain has led to a glaring disparity in the way of reissue CD's.
To what degree does the way AmerIcan Idol winner KRIS ALLEN got his backside handed to him sales-wise by runner-up Adam Lambert have anything to do with how comfortable Allen's work sounds on CCM radio? And if it's any degree at all, how does that explain the contined success of intermittent Christian radio airplay darling CARRIE UNDERWOOD? All that said, I kinda like Allen's "Live Like We're Dying," even if he kinda ripped off Tim McGraw for the song's title.
Further on the subject of Idolatry, might there be a relationship to the length we will have to wait for DANNY GOKEY's debut album and how middling it may be. Based on his two-song halftime set for the Milwaukee Bucks season openner this past Halloween (comprised of songs made hits by--oh, dear--Rascal Flatts), I am not encouraged.
Interested in hearing preaching from the kind of black liberation theology perspective under which President Obama sat for 20 years by the eisegetical homiletical stylings of Jeremiah "God d**n America!" Wright? Wright no longer pastors there, but you can still hear services from his former church, Chicago's Trinity United Congregational, Sunday at 6:00 PM Central on the Windy City's Afrimerican, liberal-leaning talker, WVON. If you live close enough, tune to 1640 AM. Otherwise, go to www.WVON.com
Judging from the church's website, www.TUCC.org
, Wright may be gone, but, from the looks of its website and online bookstore, things don't look to have changed doctrinally since his departure. Most, ahem, enlightening...
How will REBECCA ST. JAMES feel about former CCM Magazine editor MATTHEW PAUL TURNER's new book, Hear No Evil, considering his reflections on the marketing of virginity in evangeli-ghetto youth culture? Think what you will of that subject, Turner's latest is a must-read for anyone coming from a legalistically fundamentalist background and now has a different relationship with CCM.
What difference might THE KATINAS have made in the R&B world had they stayed with the general market label that was interested in them, before the record company suits wanted to add carnality (hoochie girles in their videos, among other things) to their act?
Should I be reviewing the music of Hannah Montana cast member MITCHEL MUSO now that I know he takes high school classes from an online  Christian correspondence school and is, presumably, Christian? I have been liking his work ever since he hasn't been rapping, and who else gives saint-sung 'tween pop more press/critical love in contempo' Christendom than I do? Yeah, I suppose I will.
Speaking of Hannah MT, anybody else reading this just a little scared that once MILEY CYRUS hits 18, all kinds of Lohanic/Spearsian heck's gonna break loose in the gal's life, even as she might still be claiming to "do it all for Jesus"? That date's less than a year away now, so here's praying! (That said heck doesn't break out, that is.) Her sartorially streetwalker-ish performance of the otherwise brilliant "Party In The U.S.A.." for Queen Elizabeth (not to mention the music video) feels like the dam wall creaking some...  
To stay on a Disney-an jag, might the company have had a bit of a Cheap Trick fixation this year? Not only did ALY MILCHAKA remake the band's "I Want You To Want Me" for her maybe-should've-been-bigger solo moive debut in Bandslam, but so did the company's rocking girl band, KSM (whom I like well enough but for whom I now feel a bit sorry, considering their sharing initials with  a certain high-profile terrorism suspect to so be on trial in New York City).
Now that the Twilight movies have made her a celebrity, isn't it easy to see how Kristen Stewart could pass for TIFFANY "PLUMB" ARBUCKLE LEE's little sister or neice? Gladly, Tiff'/Plumb doesn't have her junior semi-doppleganger's look of lethargy and sullenness (and Cullenness?). And hopefully, she won't be contributing to the next of the franchise's movie soundtracks, either.
Doesn't the logo on the cover of DAVID CROWDER BAND's Church Music look like what Crowder would wear as a disco medallion or hang as a customized Christmas tree ornament? I like it OK enough, but that's what it looks ilke to me. Mostly fine music, though, too.
Were you FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI, wouldn't you be at least a tad embarrassed that your first general market crossover single, "It's Your Life,"  reached __Billboard__'s Hot 100 in great part (or solely?) due to being featured on Jon & Kate Plus 8? Royalty checks of suitable size probably assuage whatever shame might have come from that song placement, eh? 
And, though I don't know much about the gal, don't you think one of her professional handlers suggested she change her stage name before embarking upon a recording career? She has a lovely monkier, but it's a heckuva mouthful, too. 
Want to know what kind of article someone should pay me to write? A survey of the campus food service at the top 25 (or so) Christian colleges. The Lord, edjumacation and meals (and shouldn't students know what they're getting into for three squares a day before they or their 'rents plunk down the tuition money?)-what's not to want to write about?
Shouldn't RED's remake of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" have been their big crossover general market multi-format smash by now?

And does my having had that thought prove that my hit-predicting ears are off, the band's handlers don't have their stuff together, or both?

I also thought DC TALK's "Godsend" should have been the natural outside-the-evangelighetto biggie to follow "Just Between You And Me," but that wisdom went unfollowed by anyone who could have done anything about it, too.   
Which is more of a genius move for JOHN REUBEN: referencing Ian Dury & The Blockheads' "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" for his latest longplayer's title while making said album a counter-argument to Dury's  menu for all his brain & body needed, or making that album sound like a refutation of a majority of Lady GaGa's aesthetic/philosophical agenda while employing roughly as many killer hooks and production flourishes as the aforementioned gal with current pop music's most outrageous sartoroial sense? Just about a tie, I say.

I feel no  need to apologize for mentioning GaGa twice in one column. This time, anyway. 
Were CCM to be as self-referential  a genre as commercial country music, would singers namecheck anyone from longer ago than KEITH GREEN, seeing as he's the oldest act to have his catalog kept in print?

Thankfully, CCM is supposed to be about Someone more important than anybody singing it, right?
If anyone reading this knows JOE MARKO, would you please tell him that he would still do well to seek out a publisher for his memoirs about his days with one of the last of the great indie Jesus hippie rock groups, THE ALL SAVED FREAK BAND, and the spiralling into apostacy of the ministry that discipled them?

Sad and cautionary as the tale is, it would not only make a compelling book, but a warning for others, too.
Wouldn't the yet-unsolved (last I knew of, anyway) murder of late godly rapper DANNY "D-BOY" RODRIGUEZ make for fine premise for an episide on a basic cable show that specializes in such cases? Next year will mark the 20th anniversary of his murder, and should there be a perp behind bars or frying in an electric chair by now for the crime?
What might BEYONCE KNOWLES think of her husband's, Jay-Z's, dismissal of Christianity and Jesus Christ on his current hit with
Alicia Keys, "New York State of Mind." considering Yoncy's status as a Methodist church-going gal? Considering her singing about acting like a ho' in __her__ current single, "Video Phone," and dressing like one in the song's vid', might her opinion on matters ecclesiastical be more or less moot at this point?
Doesn't the definition of Jesus music bleed over into what would, by the end of the 1970s, be called CCM on the __Full Circle Jesus Music__ radio show (www.Full CircleJesusMusic.com
)? To my mind, its producers should contact KEN SCOTT, author of what's now four editions of his book, __The Archivist__, the great fan/collector guide to pre-1980 Christianny rock & pop, for access to his enormous collection of the music he documents. So what if most of it is-and will likely remain-out of print? Listen to the right DJs on the right non-commercial/community-sponsored radio stations, and you'll hear plenty of out-of-print goodies.
When did Jesus music become CCM, anyway? I say it's a fact by the time that JOHN STYLL started publishing the magazine that popularized the latter designation, at least (1978). I'm open to other theories, though.
However much her own life may defy the song's seemingly obvious spiritual meaning, isn't Florence (Walsh) & The Machine's recent U.K. hit remake of CANDI STATON & THE SOURCE's gospel house classic, "You Got The Love," a jam?
I say "seemingly obvious" because Staon was definitely singing about the Lord in the song. How a gal that sweet and sincere winds up on TBN is curious, at best, but whatever, I suppose.

And what did La Candi think of her song getting Sex and City soundtrack play, eh? 

Jamie Lee Rake 

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