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Rake Thoughts 

Doesn't Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Chritmastime" sound like it could be an OWL CITY demo?
Why did I have less of a problem this past Christmas season hearing BOB DYLAN's remake of Mitch Milller's "Must Be Santa" on poppy Christian radio (OK, England's CROSS RHYTHMS RADIO) than I did with catching DECEMBERADIO run through the Chuck Berry/Keith Richards red-nosed reindeer salute, "Run Run Rudolph"? Hmmm...
Wouldn't another NEWSONG general market crossover biggie be a welcome thing this many years after they pulled heartstrings (and a TV movie deal) with "The Christmas Shoes"?
Love, loathe or hold a feeling of impenetrable indifference to them, don't GROUP 1 CREW have possibly the most generic name in both CCM and hip-hop in any market?
How is it that iSHINE RECORDS gal group THE RUBYZ was up for Radio Disney airplay consideration right away with their first longplayer (and failed to its top 30), but their labelmate, JASMINE (SAGGINARIO, not that gal's last name is anywhere prominent on her EP's packaging) had to go through RD's Next Big Thing competition, won it and now is claiming that satellite radio feed's chart? Even if she debuts into that general market venue with arguably the doofiest song on her debut CD, Make A Movie, a big yay to her all the same.
Speaking of Christian winners of Radio Disney contests, what has become of the CCM debut of 2008's Next Big Thing heap, JONNIE & BROOKIE? What little I have heard by the sister duo had me wanting to hear more.
Why does it seem that the only Christianny music acts to have had their album covers censored-or at least made by their labels to issue less potentially offensive alternate covers-are metal bands? STRYPER (To Hell With The Devil),  MORTIFICATION (self-titled second album) and P.O.D. (The Fundamental Elements of Southtown) come to mind. That those come to mind might reveal my age, but what the hey.
Is CARRIE UNDERWOOD's recent recommendations of THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH and BRANDON HEATH in interviews enough to make me reconsider liking her music? Probably not, but it does give me the impression that she takes her Christianity more seriously than CCM radio jumping on her "Jesus Take The Wheel." Were she to give an in-print thumbs-up to BUDDY & JUDY MILLER or another that's both good and country, then I may more seriously consider the merits of, say, "Cowboy Casanova" (which, upon first listen, sounded to me like a laboratory-engineered hybrid of Shania Twain and Par Benatar, but I digress...).
Isn't it just a tad surprising that some CCM act-or a graphics aritst at their record company-didn't think of the cross between a heart and an ampersand featured in the logo on Selena Gomez & The Scene's debut album?  If I'm mistaken about that, please let me know, OK?

And if any Christian 'tween pop singing gals are reading this, take a lesson from Gomez' album:if you are going to give interviews saying you are excited about having and touring with a band to the point of including their name on your album, it helps your "band chick" bona fides considerably if you 1) give the names of your band members in the CD booklet, and 2) include pictures of you with them in the same booklet. Enjoy her music though I do, La Selena loses a few credibility points with me on the two aforementioned points.
Might THE CRUCIFIED's song mentioning him in the title be the last song about how Christians don't need a Pope be the last on the subject to be given major Christian market distribution? I've been futzing with writing one, but it's more of a soul gospel, less of a hardcore punk, thang (and yes, I once was Roman Catholic, so I know of what I speak).
Do any general market country radio stations around you take prayer requests? At least one within my terrestrial listening range does, on Wednesdays. Here's hoping that no program directors who approved of the idea abandon it once the economy recovers (seemingly the inspiration for the intercession over the airrwaves, at least from the requests I've heard).
How askew is that most Christian market book publishers (in my experience reviewing their product in recent months, at least) can't see fit to capitalize pronouns for the Godhead in their products while __Entertainment Weekly__ does do so in its recent interview with JOSH TURNER? How much more ink and/or typesetting trouble does it take'm, really?

And wouldn't it be wondrous were Turner to record an all-gospel album roughly as minimally produced as ALAN JACKSON's similar longplayer was a few years ago?
How mutually beneficial is it for all concerned when general market companies  help sponsor specifically Christian events? Yes, believers may buy fast food, soda pop, cars, etc., but just how interested in the spreading of the Gospel, edification of the saints and evangelicalism of the unsaved are most-or all-of those companies? Worth considering, at least, yes?
Now that POINT OF GRACE are consciously courting the commercial country marketm does that mark an end to the gals' ever reconsidering another dance remix, per the brilliant house revisioning of their "Steady On"? Here's hoping not. What's been good enough for Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes, Trisha Yearwood and Deborah Allen and should yet be so for  MARTINA McBRIDE should be OK for the P.O.G. ladies, too, yes? (and if anyone can point me to any a lready extant Mcbride dance club remixes, apsart from the one for "When Go 

Jamie Lee Rake 

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