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Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?
  Stars: Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Michael Jai White, Tasha Smith, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, and Sharon Leal
Director/Scriptwriter: Tyler Perry
Rating: PG 13 for themed material, language, domestic violence and drug references
Running Length: 122 minutes
I did not see the first Tyler Perry film, Why Did I Get Married, but the cast is back for another round of married life. In the first film, Terry (Tyler Perry) and Diane (Sharon Leal) are married, Marcus (Michael Jai White) and Angela (Tasha Smith) are married, Mike (Richard T. Jones) and Sheila (Jill Scott) are married, then divorce and she marries Troy (Lamman Rucker), and Patricia (Janet Jackson and Gavin (Malik Yoba) are married. The couples have such a friendship (and patience), that they go on trips together. Problems in relationships are encountered and solved, partly because of Patricia’s book. She is a psychologist.
Now, in the second film, the group still goes on a vacation together, but this time it is to a seaside resort, not the mountains. Terry still keeps checking up on Diane, Marcus (now a television sportscaster) and Angela still have arguments that can be heard on Mars, Troy and Sheila are having money difficulties and Mike keeps showing up at inopportune times, plus Patricia and Gavin are happy on the surface, but trouble lurks underneath. 
In the first half of the over-long movie, Tyler Perry does a good job of presenting these individuals and their marriages. There is humor and insight at the same time. What does work is having Louis Gossett and Cicely Tyson as a long-married couple tell why they have been married 50 years. The ladies of the film are beautiful and dress well. The guys always have their shirts off and abs glowing. However, it is during the last half, when the group has problems with each other and in their marriages, that things fall apart a bit. Tasha Smith as the screaming, drinking Angela has audiences shutting down their hearing. Enough is enough, besides the drinking problem was never addressed. It is when the film goes to Patricia and Gavin, that the stars shine, for Janet Jackson pulls out all the stops as a woman who encountered major grief and just plain shut down inside. Her husband doesn’t know how to reach her and keeps hanging on, hoping she will “come to her senses,” but we know that won’t happen. His attempts at helping her go from tentative to major upheaval to knock-down-drag-out. You are along for the ride, it is intense and not pretty. 
Just when Tyler Perry is going good, he tosses in something awkward, like having Jackson throwing a surprise birthday party, dressed like Michael Jackson. Huh?  Or the ending of the film which seemed to have come from another movie. Huh?  Tyler Perry, perhaps, should not act, direct and produce a movie. He spreads himself too thin and the total story area of the film doesn’t come through.
Copyright 2010 Marie Asner




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