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Everything Sad is Coming Untrue
Artist: Jason Gray

From a vocal standpoint, Jason Gray falls somewhere in the range of Mat Kearney and The Fray, with an occasional dose of Bart Millard. Lyrically, self-critical references point more to Rich Mullins, Derek Webb, and Bill Mallonee.  The title track is from a Tolkien quote, and the song itself is full of movie and literary citings, depicting the hope that will eventually emerge from the current chaos.

“Fade With our Voices” is somewhat of a Modern Worship 101 track, yet it still pulls you in.  “The Golden Boy and the Prodigal” portrays the dualistic nature of man, and reminds us of Christ seeking the lost sheep, rather than the one who has not strayed.  “How I Ended Up Here” is an honest and amusing tale of the lengths one can go to in order to find some solitude.  Other songs like “Jesus, Use Me, I’m Yours” and “I Am New” celebrate the freedom and renewal available from serving God.

Christian without being preachy, honest about being human yet hopeful about the future, _Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue_ offers a prophetic look at both present and future.

Brian A. Smith
20 March 2010


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