While this article was in the process of being written and edited, This Train passed through Minnesota again in early April opening for Rich Mullins and the Ragamuffin Band. (In addition to Mark being a Ragamuffin, Jordan toils behind the soundboard, and the Cobra is part of the road crew.) Due to some logistical issues with the management team shared by Mullins and This Train, Beki ended up not traveling with the band on the current tour. After much consideration, Beki and the guys will be parting ways. Beki and her husband Randy Kerkman will be trying out some acoustic material in some coffeehouses while they put together a band, and they'll be cutting an EP in Mark & Jordan's studio. Her fabulous "All The Time" is being pulled from the upcoming This Train album, Mimes of the Old West, for Beki to use in the new venture. The Train men will continue on as a three-piece. 

Mimes of the Old West has been recorded and mixed. Artwork and mastering are in process and the disc should hit the racks in mid to late June. Listen for vocal cameo appearances from Ashley Cleveland and Rich Mullins.

Beki's last official show with This Train will be the first one up at Cornerstone '97 on Wednesday night, so you'd best get to Bushnell early and get over to the Compassion stage by 7 p.m.. And don't go home early, because she'll be rounding out the New Band Showcase on Sunday afternoon. Mark will be playing mainstage Friday with Rich Mullins.

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