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Since 1996

One thing you can guarantee with Bainbridge is that the sound will be rich, layered and succulent. He treats ears like Cordon Bleu chefs treat taste buds. Feast on the details.

A diversity of styles and excellent arrangements make this a dynamic soundtrack for the celebration of Christ's birth.

Enough grit to make it rock and enough polish to make it shine - the music is appropriately weighty and metal-edged. Yes, Virginia - Glass Hammer rocks!

  World-wise and full of experience. His voice is strictly street-level, infused with heart, informed by years, and  touched by love

With more group involvement than ever before and eschewing the big topics, this set of two halves is broad enough to appeal to both tentative newcomers and long-time progheads.

 What Makes it Through is a reflective, introspective album of songs that probe beneath the surface and plumb the depths of our motives and emotional reflexes.

   On I’ve Got News For You – the Music of Edgar Winter, Ed Palermo’s Big Band performs faithful but freshly  energized versions of some of the best songs from EntranceWhite Trash, and Jasmine Nightdreams 

 With the group’s latest effort, Interrobang, it seems as if they’ve found a solid musical identity that I, for one, would be happy to see them keeping - at least for a while...

A brilliant balance of vocal and instrumental tracks, To The Far Away will thrill and delight fans of both Celtic and ‘traditional’ prog-rock, and anyone open to more adventurous realms of music in general. 

A Jesus record to help God’s people remember and rehearse his story

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