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Classical-rock quintet Renaissance were a powerful force in the ‘70s, attracting both teenagers and their parents, such was their timeless strength of melody and musicianship. Most of the best versions of those albums have come out in recent years and this massive re-release is one of the very best.

Fancy a bit of Mediterranean warmth? There is a distinctly Greek cast to this pair of Karaindrou soundtracks, which both feature string orchestra.

San Diego rockers discover the art of slowing. This is a hip-hoppier version of their sound and it beautifully complements all they have done before, as it reminds us why we love music.

If you’re looking for a Destroy Nate Allen lighthearted fun piece, this isn’t it.

It has only been 41 years... Perhaps when you play medieval instruments, time matters little. This unique prog/folk/classical band is back - not at their very best, but with an enjoyable collection.

13 tracks of rock/metal goodness

Here’s something that some of us have been looking forward to for years: Christian guitar maestro Phil Keaggy more than holding his own on an instrumental recording with a couple of secular giants.

Charity album with several big prog players has fine instrumental moments, but lacks oomph.

First full length from the creators of “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)”

Pettay has tapped into a truly joyful and worshipful vein, transcending the limitations of words and going straight to the creative wells of the soul

Poetry, grief, hope, emotional exposure and delectable sound – it’s all there in a collection that is as definitive of their work as any Over the Rhine release.

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