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Poetry, grief, hope, emotional exposure and delectable sound – it’s all there in a collection that is as definitive of their work as any Over the Rhine release.

They have done it again! This is as gorgeous as their first collaboration Frio Suite. These musicians – excellent on their own – seem to make each other even better when they work together.

You don’t get too many musicians who can play both drums and violin, but when you do it can bring into being a beautifully balanced - and inspired - set of music.

This rock band’s EP is based around mental health issues in a way that makes it simple for many to identify with.

When you’ve been a part of Jethro Tull for so long, anything you put out as a solo offering is inevitably going to be compared with the group’s vast catalogue (and probably listeners will be secretly hoping it matches the best).

The Neal Morse Band has produced what just might be their most musically and emotionally satisfying work to date

Native Tongue is the quintessential Switchfoot album … a pop music smorgasbord.

Scouring best-of lists from last year to find ones that have flown under the radar, singer /harpist McVittie’s contemporary folk has stood out from among a vast array of names. all-business Focus album with less humor and a leaner, jazzier sound. Still, it's the Focus we know and love...

 It feels like the ex-Genesis guitarist has been working up to this fine collection for the last few albums.

Hymn-meister Townend blends the everyday with eternity in his latest batch of organic, Celtic-flavoured songs.

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