Light in the darkness? You betcha!
The Phantom Tollbooth Press Release
November 2015

Nothing like a progressive time change scheme to plunge civilization into darkness just when we need more light the most. Don't let the sudden arrival of sunset dampen your enthusiasm for enlightenment. Because the darkness only overcomes if we let it.

Our writer's Picks of the Month:
Sara Groves - Floodplain
Andrew Peterson - The Burning Edge of Dawn
Stryper - Fallen

Featured Must Reads:
Bob Zappa - Frankie and Bobby - Growing Up Zappa
Os Guinness - Fool's Talk - Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion
Bruce Cockburn - Rumours of Glory (A Memoir)
The Apostle / The Revelation - Kingstone Comics

More Book Reviews:
Sharon Garough Brown - Two Steps Forward
John Goldingay - Old Testament Theology, Volume One: Israel's Gospel
Heather Letto - Implanted

Movie Reviews:
Breakthrough - Episode One: Fighting Pandemics
Bridge of Spies
He Named Me Malala
Our Brand is Crisis
Rock the Kasbah
The Last Witch Hunter
The Martian
The Walk
Timbuktu (Blu-Ray)

Music Reviews:
Alma - Tactics
Roland Dale Benedict - Gregorian Rock 2
Sara Groves - Floodplain
Gurrumul – The Gospel Album
Andrew Peterson - The Burning Edge of Dawn
Rising Fawn - Sifting Through Sadness
Stryper – Fallen
Third Reel – Many More Days
Tree 63 - Land

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Linda LaFianza
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