Artists: Dog Baby 
Label: Cling Recordings
These guys wish they were Primus. Horrid vocals, but some cool bass playing (though not as proficient as Claypool) and occasional head-nodding grooves. Check this out if you are looking for a Christian alternative to Primus and Don't Know didn't do it for you. --Josh Spencer 



From the look of the album sleeve and some of the song titles I was looking forward to listening to this album. The wah-ed guitar and up front bass as the CD starts sounded promising to me but unfortunately they brought in the vocalist and that was the end of my enjoyment. Lyrics are straightforward and rather simple. While that fits the musical style of this band, unfortunately the lyrics were rather too simplistic to redeem the album. This is an album containing some interesting ideas but which doesn't do justice to them. --James Stewart 

The techno beats at the beginning got me excited but the vocals just grated on my ears. This band has possibilities but needs a sense of direction. The music is a hodgepodge of styles with no focus: some songs changed music styles abruptly in the middle. Parts showed potential but it wasn't sustained. The lyrics were overly trite in places. "drivin' down the highway 125 mph/ smokey on my tail/ if he gets me I go to jail" doesn't do much for me. --Shari Lloyd 

2 clocks 

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