100 Million Eyeballs 
Artist: Miss Angie 
Label: Myrrh Records 

Gosh, Miss Angie is cute. At twenty-one, she has star quality, there are two of them pasted to her cheeks. She still likes her stuffed animals so much, she lugged an armload to the recording studio. She also brought four members of Johnny Q. Public and David Zaffiro (formerly of Bloodgood), and somehow managed to transcend "cute" to achieve "smokin'." "Satisfied" and "Lift My Eyes" establish the tone of this modern rock album with big guitars, quick, heavy beats, and Miss Angie's warm, yet still girlish, voice. The eleven songs are all strong. The cover tune, "100 Million Eyeballs," ventures closest to the too-cute cliff, but never slides over. As a tribute to the Jesus Movement legacy her parents instilled, her premiere release ends with a cover of Second Chapter of Acts's "Which Way the Wind Blows."  I'm sure her ties to Johnny Q. Public were helpful in getting signed with Myrrh, but Miss Angie can hold her own. No cute trick! -- Linda Stonehocker 

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"Little girls are made out of sugar and spice and everything nice" is the impression one gets from this album's cover and promotional material.  Miss Angie has a pink Bible.  The free enclosed Miss Angie stickers did little to allay my fears that this is not my kind of album. The first tune shot that impression to pieces.  There are guitars and they aren't acoustic. This is definitely a modern rock album. Miss Angie rawks! "Lift My Eyes" reminds me a lot of Fleming McWilliams, of Fleming and John. "100 Million Eyeballs" has a very light, playful feel. The lyrics are praise oriented, but Miss Angie's vocals and the heavy guitars lift them out of the ordinary realm of the usual CCM stuff.  While the project is aimed at church kids, the heavy guitars tell me that this will appeal to a much wider audience. -- Shari Lloyd 
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