Artist: Pocket Change 
Label: Liquid Disc Records 
This debut from Pocket Change, a trio from Virginia, is melodic punk. There's Timme on guitars, Charlie on bass, and Brian is the drummer. The record, out since the fall of '97 has a live feel to it, like the guys went into the studio and just played.  The songs are pretty straight forward MxPx-like punk; in fact, the vocals remind me of Mike Herrera--smooth and steady, only slightly on key.  Mostly straight punk but, like most records these days, we do have the OSS (obligatory ska song), complete with horns, at the number five spot--"My God."  I'm not too impressed with the record, however.  I am tapping my foot (the songs are not bad), and the band is fine on their instruments, but the tunes are not scratching me where I itch. They need to find a style that is not just like so many other punk rock bands I've already heard.  
Their album is named after a Six Feet Deep song, and they thank/credit Strongarm for being a very big influence on their decision to pursue a leading into Christian music.  I hear that they may move more into a hardcore direction on their next effort, possibly, mixing hardcore and punk into Pocket Change's own sound.  That would be a good idea.-----Tony LaFianza