The Phantom Tollbooth

Artist: Guardian
Label: Myrrh
Lenght: 18 tracks/72:02 minutes

Whenever a popular band leaves a major label, that label is likely to do the "Best Of" thing as Myrrh has done here for Guardian.  Unfortunately, this greatest hit album isn't because Guardian has changed label. This is their farwell album and it will be sad to see Guardian go. Kevin Ney and David Bach have recently left the band to pursue careers with EMI while Jamie Rowe and Tony Palacios have plans to continue on together--although whether they will continue with the Guardian name isn't clear at this time.

It's disappointing that this release only includes their Myrrh projects, but most the material was from the Guardian-Steve Taylor era which produced some of their cleverest lyrics. In addition to twelve songs off Miracle Mile, Swing, Swang, Swung, Buzz and Bottlerocket, there are remixes of five songs but no new material.  The five songs aren't anything really special except to the collector. New material would be preferred, but this is a ncie collection for Guardian fans.

Shari Lloyd (5/16/99)